Alabama...I'm impressed. Please keep it up!

  • metta

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    Nov 11, 2009 10:25 PM GMT

    On Nov. 7th, Focus on the Family brought its absurd "ex-gay" roadshow Love Won Out to Birmingham Alabama. This is a conference that tries to help people "pray away the gay". (Cue uproarious laughter)

    Truth Wins Out joined several local groups in protest. More than 50 people greeted conference attendees as they entered the church parking lot. Movie star Glenn Shadix, who had once undergone shock therapy in a failed effort to become straight commented on Joe Openshaw's blog about what he saw at the demonstration:

    "An image that will always stay with me is that of a young teenager being driven by what seemed to be his parents, into The Metropolitan Church of God," said Shadix. "He slowly raised his hand and, hidden from those in the front seat of the car, waved at us as he was driven into the all day seminar. His sad face haunts me. I have been there. My prayers are with him."

    Truth Wins Out joined The Alliance for GLBT Equality at UAB, Covenant Community Church, Equality Alabama Birmingham, Central Alabama Pride and PFLAG.

    Special thanks to Bob Palmatier, Joe Openshaw and Rev. J.R. Finney (and many others) for a powerful action against the intolerance and bigotry of Focus on the Family

  • roadbikeRob

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    Nov 11, 2009 10:47 PM GMT
    I guess Birmingham, Alabama is a lot more progressive and open-minded than I previously thought. Anything that came out of Alabama was always conservative, right wing, bible thumping bullshit. I guess the State of Alabama is slowly starting to bring itself out of the dark ages. Yes I say keep up the good work Birmingham and the rest of Alabama. icon_smile.gif