'Born Round' by Frank Bruni

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    Nov 13, 2009 12:04 AM GMT
    Has anyone else here read the book 'Born Round,' by Frank Bruni? I'm in the middle of it and i have to say it's great, encompassing so many things from growing up in a family that showed love with food and dealing with being gay and being fat, often at the same time. Bruni was, most recently, the New York Times restaurant critic, which is odd because he has had a tortured relationship with food his whole life.

    It's heart-wrenching reading him write about guys being interested in him at different points at his life but how he lied to them about having to work or being too busy to meet, etc., but it was all due to his insecurity and embarassment about his body.

    After writing about politics for the Times he was transferred to Rome and he tried to find the Italian 'secret,' as to why Italians were so much slimmer than Americans (especially americans of italian heritage) and the great revelation he found was ... Italians eat less!

    Also, though he was a regular jogger his whole adult life, doing 2-3 miles easily, it seems, he did not lose weight over the long run, because he ate a lot. I haven't gotten to the end yet, so don't tell me how he finally decides to not be fat anymore.

    It's a great book and i recommend it to anyone who has had issues with food (and anyone who's involved with an italian-american and has trouble understanding the whole emphasis on food and cooking - to excess.)
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    Nov 13, 2009 2:38 AM GMT

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