One of my favorite discoveries in Japan has been the hot springs. I thought I'd like it for the fact that you take a bath with a bunch of naked guys, but quickly forgot about that when I found out how excellent soaking in hot water can be.

I'm meeting up with an old friend on a trip to San Francisco and saw that Japantown there houses a Japanese style hot spring. The days alternate between men and women only. I've explained to my friend (who's straight) that the hot spring experience really is excellent if you can get past western hangups about bathing with people. Since he can't make it to Japan, this would be a great way to introduce him. However I'm wondering if the San Francisco version of this could be much different. It's an encultured experience in Japan, but I could see it being a bit of a hookup place in the States.

Has anyone been there? Can anyone report on it?

Also, who loves hot springs?