I raised a son and daughter alone for a total of 8 years after a divorce. We had our ups and downs but now that they're grown and out on their own, I have a lot of good to look back on and they constantly reward me as time moves on. Are you currently raising kids of your own, adopted some, did you raise some in the past or do you want children in the future?. Share some ups and downs, or questions you may have about raising kids, and maybe we collectively can help each other. I'm kind-of 'back in the saddle again' with 3 grandkids and get to spend at least a month out of the year with them. I think for me the most rewarding of all, is our connection that we share because of what I was able to do with them, the daily little things like meals together, or feeding and entertaining their friends, our trips together, missuderstandings or struggles settled between us. Now I get the calls from both of them telling me about their good times, their down times, sending me a ticket to come out to see them. The greetings I get from the grandkids are even better. The experience has been and is priceless !!!