So nothing against Montana, BUT IZ NEEDZ TA GETZ OUT! All this clean air and nice people is really wearing thin, and I just need some smog and shallow gay club life at the moment. As such, I am going to embark on my next tour of trouble.

Stops include:
Los Angeles (December 16-31st; possibly
San Francisco those last few days if I can find a way up there), Austin (December 31st-January18th),
Dallas (January 10th-?), and
Las Vegas (January 18th-21st).

There are too many of you awesome guys to keep track with on this site (in terms of where you live), so I thought I'd post this to reconnect with those who live in the places I'll be passing through. I always enjoy meeting up with fellow RJers (age, ethnicity, race, etc... not important, just be fun to hang out with), so if you'd like to grab a drink, some dinner, or whatever, please drop me a line.

Just so this isn't just about me (though isn't it always icon_wink.gif ), anyone else traveling in the near future please post where you'll be going and the dates so that you can join the fun too.