What Are Some Of The Oddest Ways You've Met A Guy?

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    Dec 04, 2009 3:39 PM GMT
    Some forum threads on dating & LTRs made me think about this question: what are some of the oddest ways you’ve met a guy? And did it help or hinder developing a lasting relationship? Here’s mine:

    It was through a newspaper article about him, when one Sunday the “Living” section featured a photo spread on his eccentric house he had renovated himself. And when I saw the stark all-white interior, contrasting with the elaborate crystal chandeliers in every room, the extensive gardens on the grounds that provided the lovely floral arrangements he did, his never-married status at 39, his career as an actor, and finally his own photo, my gaydar needle totally pegged.

    So I wrote him a letter, saying I was impressed by his place, and would enjoy seeing it, since the article said he encouraged visitors. He phoned me a few days later, his voice further confirming my suspicion, and we set a time.

    It was early evening when I arrived from my office, and I decided that day to wear a full business suit & tie, with a long topcoat over it in the autumn chill. His reaction when he opened his front door and saw me was like a little kid finding Santa Claus on his doorstep.

    He giggled & smiled, with the joy of a child but the lustful eyes of a man. I’d later learn one of his fantasies is men in professional attire, making my choice of outfits that day an inspired one. He gave me a quick tour of the grounds in the fading light, before showing me the house interior, virtually a museum tour.

    We ended in a spare upstairs bedroom, done all Victorian, except for an anachronistic aluminum Christmas tree decorated in one corner, upon which a revolving color wheel shone. As we sat talking I told him I was gay, knowing his reply before he spoke it, and within minutes we were having sex.

    We became BFs that night, remaining so for 2 years, the last year with us living together in that strange house. But we were really never compatible enough to be partners, plus he refused to remain monogamous. Still, an experience I’m glad I had, with many wonderful moments & adventures together. All because I took a chance with a newspaper article.
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    Dec 04, 2009 4:04 PM GMT
    I met my last ex 8 years ago modeling in a fashion show (don't judge, time has been cruel icon_lol.gif ).
  • rdberg1957

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    Dec 04, 2009 4:06 PM GMT
    hey steamy, i'd shove all the guys out of the way to get next to you! Hehe.

    I came out in the late 70's. You could meet guys anywhere including: the bus, the bus stop, the beach, ads from the gay paper, the student union on campus. We lacked a little bit on the impulse control in those days.
  • drypin

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    Dec 04, 2009 4:24 PM GMT
    Let's see. I met Rob back when the Rainbow Rink in Chicago used to have gay and lesbian night on Mondays (you'd think with a name like Rainbow Rink, every night would be that, wouldn't you?)

    Anyway, I left my best friend Steve to skate around a couple of times and then came up behind him and decided to play with him by taking his wallet out of his back pocket.

    You've already guessed... it wasn't Steve. I passed the guy, holding out his wallet and beaming at my 'cleverness', and then my face fell. Actually fell... right off my head. Rob later told me it was my expression that sealed the deal for him.
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    Dec 04, 2009 11:06 PM GMT
    Oddest way I met a guy had to be in high school. I was at a party being hosted by my then prom date. She invited over one of her ex boyfriends who went to different school. We were all just hanging out and playing cards when all of the sudden I felt someone rubbing my foot. Turns out to be the ex. Later when looking at old yearbooks, he started rubbing my leg under the blanket. I got his phone number and we ended up going on a date. I was not out at the time and my prom date never found out.
    He ended up having a lot of issues being gay and so it never went that far. Still, one of the strangest ways I've ever met someone.
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    Dec 05, 2009 6:56 AM GMT
    Ex-Fiancee: I was moving to Vancouver, driving a U-haul, and arrived late at night. I couldn't find a parking spot so I parked in a loading zone beneath the hotel I was temporarily staying at downtown. At 2AM a security guard called and said he was about to tow my vehicle. He turned out to be the man who proposed to me...Sigh.
  • masculumpedes

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    Dec 05, 2009 6:57 AM GMT
    In Church....icon_redface.gif
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    Dec 05, 2009 6:59 AM GMT
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    Dec 05, 2009 7:26 AM GMT
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