When It's Over... Update

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    Dec 09, 2009 5:35 AM GMT
    I thought I would post something to let friends know the status of things lately... Edgar and I are officially over even though he wants to remain friends. I agreed to it but yeah I don't see it lasting at all. After a weekend of great things in San Antonio and both of us getting in to school and everything set up and even agreeing to be roommates he drops the bomb that I never did it for him physically. so screw him. I don't do it for him physically... guys.. I need your help with this one.. I know im out of shape and working on it. I need "dorm friendly" ideas to get back in shape starting NOW! I wanna give this bitch a reason to regret everything. His cousins called me and said he is already regreting things oh no... its not even begun. Im not a vengful person but I get my revenge but showing what they lost. Its a better thing for me. I wish I can say I was hurt more but no.. I saw it coming. I knew he would do it again.. and he did. Oh well. As for me.. now its about school, my body, my time... its all about me. Thank you guys for all the kind words and support and well wishes. And well Im single and looking for a man not a boy. Hit me up. I will be in SA in Jan. take care have fun and hope you guys are having a great night. Take care.
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    Dec 09, 2009 5:42 AM GMT
    you shouldn't be getting in shape to spite someone else, amongst all other things that shouldn't be done out of spite.

    it's something you should do for yourself, because you want to, because it will make you healthier and you'll enjoy life a little more everyday.

    think about what you're saying before you go and lose a bunch of weight just to spite someone. You'll just be ugly.

  • Dec 09, 2009 6:02 AM GMT

    I can speak from experience that being angry about a breakup is a powerful motivator, but it can't be your only motivation. When my ex and I broke up last year, I signed up for the gym *that day*. The thing is -- that'll only carry you so far. I sat down and wrote out a list of 100 goals to get me back to being me, and as I got further into my list I realized that it was more about me than it was my anger and me wanting to get back at him. That relationship taught me a lot about me, and getting back to being in a healthier state of mind let me deal with the next relationship a lot different (with the last one, I was hurt at first, but I never really got mad -- and I think if YOU really think about it, you probably knew it wasn't going to work either -- and in that case, you're much better off moving on and not being pissed about it).

    Don't cry because it's over -- smile because it happened and move on.

    Even though you can't see it now, sometimes breaking up can be the best thing that'll happen to you. Because I'm single, I have an amazing group of friends that go out every weekend (last weekend, I had 7 people in my house before we all went out to the bars and had a fucking blast). When I was in my last relationship, my life was completely different -- when it ended, I knew it was the right thing to do -- the biggest part of the hurt came from thinking there was something I couldn't fix or something I did wrong. Just believe me when I say this: not everything is meant to work out. Sometimes no matter what you do, you'll never make it work no matter how hard you try. It's nothing to be mad about -- it just is. icon_biggrin.gif You're worth more than being with someone that can't love all of you, and there's someone out there that can appreciate all the intricacies that make you YOU. It's scary being single again at first, but that goes away really quickly. Find a way to make your body match the amazing person on the inside, and people can't get enough of you.

    All that being said, no matter what fuels you -- welcome to the first steps of your brand new life. A year ago, I could barely run a mile. Now I'm up to swimming 6 miles and lifting 3 days a week hardcore. When I go out, people go out of their way to introduce themselves to me -- I love the attention. icon_biggrin.gif So look at everything in perspective, and DO IT FOR YOU, nobody else. When your anger for him fades away, it's your respect for who you are that'll keep you going back to the gym.