12 times, I have cycled 7 days, 575 miles, from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a cycling charity event called AIDSLifecycle. In route to Los Angeles, I (and 2,000 of my best friends) cycle thru Montecito - Santa Barbara, CA. ( Montecito is the home to Oprah Winfrey ).

Each Year, the locals of Montecito - Santa Barbara gather and create their own "Paradise Pit Stop" for the approx. 2,000 AIDSLifecycle Cyclist & 400 Volunteer Crew members. There you can find: chocolate bars, strawberries, homemade ice cream, corn dogs, Twinkies, coco cola, massages, and then some.. ... ALL YOU CAN EAT ...GRATIS!

Years ago (as I ate my strawberries and homemade ice cream), I asked several Montecito residents: "Where is Oprah?"

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