So I've been having a dream about a guy who I don't particularly like for a few days now. It's not a recurring dream. The same guy is in the dream but it's in a different scene. I used to work with this guy and I wasn't particularly his friend. I never really liked him since he's difficult to work with. So anyway, on Friday I had a dream about him. He's a pretty scrawny guy and he's been gone a few months. In the dream I run into him after a few months to find that he's all buff now. Here I am, working out diligently 5-6 days a weeks for a few years and I'm still trying to shed some of the last remaining fat and get buff then I see him and bam he's ripped in a few months and he's only been going to the gym for a short while. Needless to say I was very annoyed.

Then to make things even more annoying for me, guys are putting their hands all over him, feeling his muscles and stuff saying how good he looks and I'm standing there just irritated. At one point these guys rip open his shirt and indeed he's ripped. So because of this dream it drained me of all energy for the day. I felt very fatigued and pissed most of the day.

Then I had the next dream. This time we were at work. I don't know what I was working on but he was standing behind me while i worked. He was looking over my shoulder and he was still the buff version of himself. I was very envious and just plain mad at myself for not being able to look like that when I worked so hard for so long. Before I knew it, he put a hand to my shoulder and he started to massage me! I felt sick and just wanted to get his fucking hands off of me. I was furious. I wanted him off of me. So I woke up from that dream the next day and again felt just nasty the whole day.

I didn't have a dream about him last night but because I did dream about him twice now in a short period of time, I'm curious to know what the heck this means? I think that my subconscious is addressing my insecurities about my body and manifesting it in the form of someone I dislike. I don't know why my brain would do this to me. Sleep is supposed to be a period of peaceful rest. I have enough to worry about when I'm awake with work and other stuff. I really don't need to be antagonized in my sleep as well.

I wanted to find out for all the dream analysts out there what you think this might mean and do you guys have any tips for avoiding getting this kind of dream again? Thanks for any feedback!