The Health Care "Compromise" - Actually Not So Bad

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    Dec 21, 2009 2:42 AM GMT
    While far from perfect, the new insurance bill is a massive step in the right direction: It will insure tens of millions more people, greatly committing the federal gov't to nat'l healthcare. And in 10-20 years, when costs spiral wildly out of control as corrupt insurance companies continue to fleece their patrons (and the gov't with them), Congress will have no choice but to create what we should have today: Severe regulation of the private health insurance "industry" (i.e., scam) and a full-throttled public option to reign in the costs and abuse. And if nothing else it's nice to see the Republican Party of NO (no ideas and no solutions) soundly defeated, even though they self-admittedly tried every dirty, underhanded, and downright dangerous trick to obstruct this bill: Congressional repub's even went so far as to stall a military spending bill, putting the Pentagon and our troops massively at risk, just to try to stop health care reform and make Dems look bad. It's amazing how low they will stoop and risk bringing down this nation just to win a few more votes in 2010. What a load of selfish hypocrites!

    I just hope the democrats are able to use this to expose repubs for the lot they are; young people certainly are not being fooled, as polls demonstrate, which spells near-certain disaster for the GOP going forward unless they drastically change their ways. The latter is what I would actually like to see: We need a balance of moderate progressives and moderate conservatives in gov't, not the toxic situation of moderate progressives vs. right-wing extremists we have right now.
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    Dec 21, 2009 10:09 AM GMT
    Not to mention a tactic rarely used, this time by the senator from Kentucky to have the 383 page amendment read in its entirety on Saturday (over 7 hours in an attempt to delay) while he held a press conference simultaneously to attempt to inflict more Awe & Destructive Fear in the American people. It was laughable to say the least.