I had to go to apart of the city today I'm only even in every six month to see my periodontist. It being a lovely summers day I decided to pop into a gay pub that has a beer garden for a cold drink on my way home.

I was sitting there enjoying the sun, and the cold beer. There was a table with a few guys at it, not even middle aged,and they were talking about someone and I realised it was me.

It was along the lines, OMG he so tough looking, and another yes and handsome too, (something I've never seen in myself). I bet he has a wife and kids at home somewhere; yer he's straight, and probably doesn't know his in a gay pub. I was laughing to myself, looking like I had not even noticed.

I went to get an other beer and the barman asked me "if I know it was a gay pub," and I said "yes!" he said "good he just did not won't me to freak out." I told him the chances were I first ever went to this pub, before he was even born, and I was the one who ended up socking him.

It's funny the perceptions people can have of you on first sight. Just about every time I go to that bar, and it's not often now days. I just about always get asked am I married, and do I have children; I think it's funny. I also hear I have such an innocent look about me, and it makes me stand out.icon_biggrin.gif