In Most Relationships, Partners are Equals or Suppose to be?

  • DarkSensation

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    Dec 24, 2009 1:26 AM GMT
    When people are in a long-term Relationship, they refer to their significant others as My Partners.

    It normally means that you both make decisions together and are equal right? In life, no one is ever really equal and a relationship is not excluded from it. Nonetheless, you do your best to treat your partner with outmost respect and love, as you would want them to treat you….. I know all that and so on icon_biggrin.gif

    What I want to know now is who has been or currently in a relationship where they prefer to be more Dominant or Passive to their partner? Kind like a Master and Servant Relationship thing. Where one is indeed in charge…meaning he wears the pants and his significant other wears the Short shorts, lol ?

    If I would to be in a relationship with someone that I love, He would never be my equal, lol…I would be the dominant one, the one in charge, lol, what I say goes and he should be… well the passive one. Lol, it sounds like he would be my bitch but not everyone in a relationship with a dominant guy feel unloved, degraded, disrespected and so on……Many do enjoy it. It still would not mean that I wont respect nor care about him

    No that’s not the Reason I’m still Single icon_razz.gif Hahaha

    So has anyone been or in a relationship where they are/were the Main/Alpha man?…you don’t have to be the Top, the more Masc guy nor the oldest in the relationship. Does one of you submit to your Man? Not just for sex and does the other dominate, in control of you in a Very Good Way icon_biggrin.gif……if some of you know what I Mean icon_wink.gif


    Just so you know guys…I know how to handle the whip and not afraid to use it on you all

    So Start Answering icon_twisted.gif
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    Dec 24, 2009 1:48 AM GMT
    in my last relationship despite what I wanted I was the dominate male, I made the decisions and there weren't any arguments about it.

    Ultimately I didn't like the situation because I don't want to be in control sometimes, I don't want to make the decisions, it wasn't the reason for it ending however, I was in a relationship and that's what my role was so that's what I did.

    Ultimately I think there is always a more dominate figure in any relationship, I'm a really strong personality and I don't tend to be indecisive about a lot things..

    But the idea of being in what you call "Alpha male/Subordinate" relationship isn't an appealing idea, my partner is my equal, either by his choice (and I truly hope he chooses to be) or because I've the good grace to ensure it.
  • Timbales

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    Dec 24, 2009 1:53 AM GMT
    Part of a successful partnership is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. In one area, one person may take the lead but in another, defer to his partner.
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    Dec 24, 2009 2:02 AM GMT
    In my relationship it seems that I’m Alfa, making most of the decisions, where we are going to eat, what movie we are going to watch; however, I always ask him and I know what he likes and never take the line we are doing what I want to do period. But now that I think about it he may be the one in charge because if he says no then its no. hmmmmmmmm.