Hey dears.
Recently there has been much unrest and concern about the kinds and quality of topics brought forward for discussion in the forum.

After reading and participating on a forum thread about "gays and race", I really think I should suggest a solution. It's not for me, I'm a tuffy and mean spirited queens make me laugh.

I'm asking this for that weaker individual who might just believe ill intended propaganda or outright attacks or insults. I don't want that person stepping away from the computer feeling less of a strong person or jock. This would spit in all of our faces.

Do you think there is a way for you all to tinker with a way of excluding certain thread titles from any individuals thread options. You know, like they could select a word or words like RACE, BRITNEY SPEARS, HAIR SPRAY, JAZZ HANDS or certain thread types like THE GUY ABOVE YOU THREADS or SHOULD I GET TESTED that they don't wish to read again ever and those threads won't appear on their page?

It's just a thought but there is a problem. I'm starting to see just plain ridiculousness for lack of another made up word. I don't mean to heavily police the the forums, I wouldn't like that. I just mean make it a little less of a jungle. It's a jungle. I'm Tarzan, but some are victims.