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    Dec 26, 2009 6:07 AM GMT
    Carreer advice...I recently lost my call center job and now I am a cross roads in my life. I am looking at going to nursing school in fall of 10. I also want to get my masters degree in occupational therapy. (Or at least get a cota degree).
    It looks kind of interesting, and it is well paying. The one thing that I look is the jjob out look and trends to see if there will still be growth. My sis says ] am not a good fit for nursing... but my mom is pretty gung-ho on it. Is Nursing is bad as everyone says it is? I want to try it out. i was wondering from you
    but I dont wanna be in ajob where I am always walking on eggshells I dont need loads of stress in my job, but I know the nursing field is verysomewhat stresssfull. To The nurses out there? How do you like it or not like it.?

    Occupational therapy ....... looks like it would very fascinating. The pay is good, and helping people live in a state of normacy after a tragic event. i was wondering from you OT an OTA People you are new on the fireld, or if you knew someone close to the field. Are there a lot of goood job opportunities after graduation. I am willing to do either MOT ot COTA. Any Thoughts?
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    Dec 26, 2009 6:14 AM GMT
    Didn't a whole bunch of nurses get laid off this year?