ok thanks to youtube and the recommendation section, I have gotten the pleasure of watching the life of Matthew Shepard. The movie is based from the actual events that happened in Matthew's life and is a must see. Matthew was killed by two guys because he was gay. though it has happen 11 years ago, it still makes it wrong for them to have taken someone's life. I believe that we as human do not get to decide whether who lives or dies. We definitely do npt have the power to make decisions for a grown person's life no matter how much we disagree. the two links are here for everyone to view and remember that what we are living and fighting for is lives opposed to this. We need peace in this world. On this thread I just want everyone who reads it to be aware and let it be known that any type of discrimination is horrific and unjust. with that said here are the links and HAVE A WONDERFUL 2010!!!


Youtube(you can watch the whole movie through here, just click the next part)