AD-1 (Pro-hormones)

  • MuscPup

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    Dec 31, 2009 4:31 AM GMT
    Hey guys,

    Last spring I had decided to try other avenues in bulking up, however I told myself I would not take any illegal anabolic steroids so I followed through with that. icon_biggrin.gif I decided to take a legal pro-hormone called Androstene (100mg) or AD-1. I'm not an Olympic athlete so I could care less about drug testing for pro-hormones.

    I bought 3 bottles of this. (there are many companies that create this and this happen to be reasonably priced compared to the rest so i bought this- $40 a bottle - $120 for the 6-weeks.)

    Because it has the pro-hormone and also the post cycle pill in as well (Arom-x). When your body is having something else replace your testosterone then finishing the cycle and coming off cold turkey your body would prefer some assistance to get back in the grove of producing its own testosterone - hence taking a PCT testosterone booster at the end of your cycle for approx 4-6 weeks. (read this so you can familiarize yourself with prohormones - lots of good info) None of this stuff is any secret.

    During my 6 week cycle - I gained 16 lbs - all within the first 3 weeks and then i plateaued at that point.... not sure why.... I bulked up and was SOLELY concentrating on muscle mass weight - so ABSOLUTELY no cardio - it defeats the purpose of my particular goal. I actually gained the weight so quick (not only from the Androstene but from a HUGE increase in protein for the SOLID 6 weeks).

    During my post cycle therapy - i trained for 6 weeks with my testosterone booster (I bought Formadrol Extreme XL) and include cardio to trim up my newly formed muscle. Just in time for Fire Island.....

    I had such amazing results with this stuff that I almost want to try it again but there are TWO (2) things that I was not happy with after making my 16 lb gains:
    (a) I only masturbated about 4 times in about 3 months. I completely LOST my sex drive and i think 2 of those time I forced myself to jack off. My sex drive was not fully recovered until about 4-5 months after my cycle.
    (b) I put on a gut that I STILL have been trying to work off. My friends told me that I did in fact gain tons of muscle mass everywhere but they also told me I got fatter - and its hard as hell to work off - even doing about 4 cardio days a week now.

    So I'm contemplating to do another cycle of legal pro-hormones but i'm would like to obtain so feedback from some others that might have had different experiences with different pro-hormones.

  • Sparkycat

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    Dec 31, 2009 7:23 AM GMT
    You probably had no libido because some of the excess testosterone produced with this supplement converted to estrogen. Look at the bright side - a lack of libido is better than gaining growth of breast tissue (gynocomastia). If you do another cycle of this supplement you might want to consider researching the use of arimidex to control estrogen. Some people buy it illegally from and take maybe a quarter table every other day. But, that's illegal and shame on you if you even consider doing such a thing. Some of the same people also buy HCG (human chorionic gonadotriphin) from the same web site and inject it to keep the testicles pumping out the testosterone even when on the supplement. I don't recommend buying anything from because only bad people do that.
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    Dec 31, 2009 10:45 AM GMT
    I don't think you should mess around with your hormones like that. It can cause a lot of problems with your body, like prostate enlargement, hair loss, sexual function, etc.
  • captproton

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    Dec 31, 2009 12:27 PM GMT
    1-AD hasn't been legal in the U.S. for a couple of years. It was popular because it worked, and in some cases too well.

    But as one poster said, it's crazy to screw around with your endocrine system if you aren't also under a doctor's care. I don't know how much 1-AD you were taking, but if you lost your libido, it was probably too much.

    Most of those who used it reported having an increased libido, not a diminished one.

    Your gain in body mass is consistent with what other users have reported. But you can't gain lean muscle mass without adding some accompanying body fat. It's possible your metabolism can't immediately cope with such a rapid weight gain. It's quite likely your body will take longer to rid itself of the excess fat.

    Try cutting calories and increasing your cardio. Unfortunately, you will lose some or most of that 16 pounds when you revert to your pre-hormone routine. It's why the pros are juicing nearly all the time. And many are psychologically dependent on maintaining an unnatural size and live in fear of seeing themselves as smaller and leaner.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to be bigger and stronger, but if you aren't naturally big-muscled, it will be a constant struggle to maintain a larger size. And you must be prepared to deal with the health-related consequences.
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    Dec 31, 2009 2:01 PM GMT
    Brilliant post CaptProton.
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    Dec 31, 2009 2:34 PM GMT
    I say go for it. It is your body and if you want it big and you have the means to do it, go right ahead.

    So what if there are side effects and consequences? That's all a part of life. At least you will have the big muscles for people to compliment you on. And so what if you have no sex drive? You have the muscles! Muscles are more important
  • docbailey2005

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    Dec 31, 2009 2:56 PM GMT
    Pro hormones do work but you must be careful and use the product correctly. You have the right ideal by taking a inhibitors that allow your body to not create to much estrogen. I made the mistake of not jump starting my own production. Iused 1-ad back in 04 right before heading over to Iraq. As a result a recent blood test revealed my testosterone levels were way low even for my age which i feel was a result of me not using the 1-ad correctly. Yeah i did put on muscle but i found i got really horny during the cycle. Needless to say i now have to take testim to get my testosterone levels back up which isnt bad because the boost is giving me great results now as well. As capt mentioned i thought prohormones were outlawed? In summary i say go for it, they do work and will get good results just don't over do it.
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    Dec 31, 2009 2:57 PM GMT
    If you want to use supplements, it's advisable you speak to a physician first who is versed in these things. Gaining muscle mass is not worth the destruction of your kidneys, liver, pancreas, or heart. And screwing around with your endocrine system is never, ever a good idea.
  • MuscPup

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    Jan 02, 2010 7:44 AM GMT
    well yes JimBob - i did take my liver into consideration during this cycle and made sure i was taking ThistleMilk and NAC to keep things as clean as possible with my organs....drinking lots of water - flushing the system out.......

    Thanks CaptProton. I took the AD-1 the early part of last year - I don't take it now. And after careful consideration - even though i have no regrets on taking it previously because I still have the size I never would have had without (at least I think) - I won't do it again. Thanks for all the info.