Thanks to gay and lesbian activist in Oz. We homosexual have been burdened with this thing called "De facto Marriage", where if you are a homosexual or lesbian couple in Oz, and you live together, the government will now consider you as a legal couple.

But at the end of the day, this is only good for the privileged. If you rely on government assistance, thus you have to have a financial assessment, and your partners income has to be declared too, and if they earn something like $200.00 a fortnight, you may well not be entitled to unemployment, sickness benefits, old age Pension if your partner is still working. Now I may of lived with my American conpanion for 20 years now. But why should he be finachully responcible for me, where the government once would of been?

So live in homosexual relationships will only be for the advantaged in Oz ,as the disadvantage will be penalised way to much to live with another. so they won't.

Things were better the way they where, and the activists who created this mess, will pass it off with something like (hands on hips): well you have to take the good with the bad.icon_rolleyes.gif Ignoring the mess they have made of things, just to fulfill their own wont's.