Gym memberships tax deductible?

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    Jan 15, 2010 3:35 PM GMT
    So I heard somewhere-- I think it was one of Scott Herman's fitness videos on YouTube-- that if your doctor tells you "you should exercise" (like everyone's doctor tells them they should) that you can write off your gym membership as a medical expense. I don't know if that's 100% legit (worth checking on, though) but if it is, whereas that came out of the U.S., I'm wondering if anyone who knows Canadian tax law can tell me if the same goes here. And if so, do you need a written prescription, or what's the deal?
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    Jan 15, 2010 7:59 PM GMT
    Not sure about Canada, but gym membership is not tax deductible in the US, unless you're a personal trainer or work in some other related industry that requires a gym membership to conduct your business. Basically, it's written off as a business expense. Not personal.

    My previous company did offer reimbursement for gym membership, as part of the company's wellness program. You might want to ask your HR person at your work to see they offer something similar.