Presidents BUSH & CLINTON Team Up To Help Haiti.

  • CuriousJockAZ

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    Jan 16, 2010 4:16 PM GMT
    I found it really refreshing while watching the press conference this morning with President Obama, Bush, and Clinton introducing the CLINTON/BUSH HAITI FUND effort to help Haiti. If only the leaders of both parties could work together in the same bi-partisan spirit that they showed this morning on problems here at home, perhaps they could actually accomplish something.
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    Jan 16, 2010 8:19 PM GMT
    But are they not now ex presidents, their term is over, thus no longer hold the Title President?

  • Jan 16, 2010 8:25 PM GMT
    What is wrong with Republicans and Democrats working together? What are your concerns? Democrats and Republicans are HUMANs. When is it an problem for humans coming together to do the right things by helping out those in needs?

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    Jan 16, 2010 8:27 PM GMT
    Presidents retain their titles of "President" for life.
  • HndsmKansan

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    Jan 16, 2010 8:28 PM GMT
    Very glad to see it. It shows something thats lacking on a regular basis.
    Nothing but Kudos to all involved.....

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    Jan 16, 2010 8:43 PM GMT
    I hope they actually accomplish something huge together... that it doesn't turn into the clusterfuck that followed Katrina, or the Thai tidal wave disaster.
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    Jan 16, 2010 8:48 PM GMT
    SEM8806 saidPresidents retain their titles of "President" for life.

    Correct. Such titles, especially in the Federal system, are bestowed for life. Hence one is forever called President, Senator, Representative, Justice, Secretary, Ambassador, etc. Military titles of rank are also retained permanently upon retirement, though few of us use them in civilian life, unless we return to public prominence.

    Technically I'm entitled to be addressed as Colonel, but I never point that out in social situations. An anecdote: a few years after I retired, my youngest son (then 6) asked me if I was once in the Army, since he seemed to remember me wearing camouflage.

    "Yes," I answered, and thinking to impress him, I added that I had been a Colonel. But I got a blank look in return.

    "Do you know what a Colonel is?" I prompted him.

    "Someone who fries chicken?"

    I laughed hysterically, and learned a needed lesson in humility. My entire 25-year career reduced to being a fast-food cook. Out of the mouths of babes... icon_redface.gif
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    Jan 16, 2010 9:47 PM GMT
    For a country (some refer to Haiti as a 4th world country due to the incredible state of poverty) to experience a natural calamity such as this, it is so heartbreaking. That is why I am going there next week with some of my medical colleagues to help out. Life is too short my friends...we are so lucky to be able to live the way we do here in America!
  • roadbikeRob

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    Jan 16, 2010 9:56 PM GMT
    This is excellent news, a former democratic president and a former republican president are teaming together to help earthquake victims in Haiti. This is what we need to see more of on all levels of American government, cooperation and coming together for a common cause. It is time to do away with political partisanship and probably our country will get much more accomplished and the most pressing problems will be solved.
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    Jan 16, 2010 10:02 PM GMT
    It's pure politics, meant to neutralize Republican criticism of the Obama Administration's relief efforts, and the cost to US taxpayers.

    But if it helps the suffering Haitian people, then all well & good. Let's just not view it as anything more than it is, a political ploy. This is how the US government has to operate these days.
  • JP85257

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    Jan 16, 2010 10:08 PM GMT
    SteamyWeenie saidi actually found this great too. read about obama calling bush to action and really, found it to be a great move on his part and a fantastic opportunity for bush to redeem himself. he's encouraging something good. one of his best moves yet.

    Redeem himself? Oh jesus.
  • Webster666

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    Jan 17, 2010 5:43 AM GMT
    Well, I'm sure it ain't Bush Jr.
  • Webster666

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    Jan 17, 2010 5:50 AM GMT
    OMG, it IS Bush Jr. !!
    Well, maybe Clinton can teach him something about how to help people after a natural disaster.
    But, I doubt it.

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    Jan 17, 2010 5:53 PM GMT
    It amazes me that after they get out of office, Presidents across party lines work well together. Clinton and Bush Sr. are always working together.

    So what is the problem with them in office? Why can't people from different parties work together?
  • GQjock

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    Jan 17, 2010 6:17 PM GMT
    I find it remarkably ironic that the man who flew over New Orleans and handed over rescue attempts to a political lackey with no experience in Emergency Management is now trying to help the people in Haiti

    I guess Crime does pay after all ... Right George? icon_wink.gif
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    Jan 17, 2010 7:01 PM GMT
    Laura Bush always visited Haiti while her husband in the office. Good for them.