Okay I gotta say my favorite is a product called, Jack3d, by USP Labs. This stuff is AMAZING. Today was the first time I took it and I have to say it works like magic. The recommended serving is 3 scoops but I don't weigh very much so I started with 1 scoop.

I haven't had a work out this good in ages! I've taken NOxplode and this is beyond that. I don't get the crash from all the sugar in NOxplode.

My workout is really taxing and this is the first time I did my entire work out completely all the way through without feeling completely wiped. Don't get me wrong. I was pretty tired, but I got through my workout and actually lifted more than I usually would have.

When I got the bottle I was surprised it came in such a small container. But it's because it doesn't have all the fillers the other products have.

I highly suggest this product. It has changed my life. We'll see how my body adapts to it after a few weeks, but overall I really like this stuff.