I have read that one should have a fitness goal to help with weight loss etc...

I know people run marathons or do triathlons etc... I don't run -- I have bad feet and have had problems with my lower legs from running (once ending in wearing a big plastic boot for a couple months -- ugh!). Anyway, I do like climbing/hiking. I've climbed Mt. Tryfan in Wales and last summer did Ben Nevis in Scoltand. I've done a few scrambles in other places. Looking for a good hike/climb in the US.

Mt. Washington in N.H. was a thought but in talking with some people, it seems like it isn't that difficult. One friend climbed it when he was a little kid. I'm looking for a good hike/scramble. I don't want to have to have a lot of equipment. I'm not looking to camp out either.

Ben Nevis took about 7 hours up and back last summer. That was cool.

Any Suggestions... I'll be traveling a lot this summer so as long as it is in the lower 48, I'm good.