College Spring Break: Washington D.C. -- New York

  • gjoseph

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    Jan 25, 2010 2:45 AM GMT
    Hey Everybody!

    My gal pals and I are looking to to North for our Spring Break in mid-March. We plan on flying into Washington D.C. seeing the monuments, clubbing, and then the next day taking the train into New York City.

    I have 3 Questions

    1.) Is it easier to fly into Baltimore and take the train into the city or should we fly into Dulles or Reagan?

    2.) What are some good clubs to check out in the D.C. area and even in NY?

    3.) How can I find out about train fares from D.C. to NY?

    Thank You so much for any help! This is our first time traveling without any parents so we are so excited =).
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    Jan 25, 2010 2:51 AM GMT
    1) Depends on who you are going to fly with. Air Tran and SouthWest have some cheap flights from Tampa to Baltimore. You can take a bus to the DC metro from BWI. Once on the metro in DC, you can go anywhere.

    2) Lots of bars in DC, but you are under 21 and I am way over 21, so I will leave this question for the younger guys.

    3) Amtrak takes you to NY from DC. You will have to see the cost
  • gjoseph

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    Jan 25, 2010 4:11 AM GMT
    Thanks baltdcguy!

    It looks like my friends and I are going to try and fly out at the airport near our school in Jacksonville instead of Tampa. So the cheapest flights so far have been on AirTran and some of the other airlines from JAX to Atlanta then Baltimore. I was thinking my friends and I could take the train from the airport to DC. But I don't want to make it too complicated for us all even if it means spending 20 dollars more to fly into DC.
  • B71115

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    Jan 25, 2010 5:58 AM GMT
    Fly into Reagan and hop right on the subway