My last half marathon race I took part in was in 1985.
Then for the next five years I was an active competitor in Triathlons across the UK.
Then throughout the nineties and the noughties, I became a lot more sedate and I began to gain weight, until I reached a dangerous level by May last year, when I was categorised as OBESE.
From which I consulted a nurse who was willing to change my eating habits if I co-operated.
In the last eight months I lost about 13 kilos. Not only the nurse but everyone else, including my wife, said that I look much slimmer, healthier and not panting so much as I did before.
I did suffer a blip over the Christmas period when I gained 3 kilos. But in the last two weeks I shed that amount and reached the level I was before Christmas. However, medically I'm still classed as overweight.
I have began a workout in the gym, mainly on the combine trainer and on the treadmill, on which I found myself running once more, after years of not being able to run.
And when I visited the nurse only this morning, she was pleased with my progress, and she set me a challenge - train up to run the local Half Marathon.
My last race was 25 years ago. The nurse said that I have a year to train for the event, which by then I'll be 58 years old, and I'll be in the Senior Veteran category.
The nurse believe I can do it. I believe I can do it.
Would any of you agree?