Something extreme comes up that makes you reconsider what you were about to do?


Something so amazingly awesome happened that you changed your mind about something that you were previously planning on doing?

This one can be about whatever you want (work, school, relationship, family, etc)

I'll give you an example of what I mean.

There was this one time that I was going to enroll in a class with a new-made friend because she didn't want to be alone and I had to take the class anyways for my major. Well, eventually she showed a much more 'real' side to her than what she showed me (like her opinions and how she talked about other people to me, and how she didn't care about hurting other people's feelings, and how incredibly spoiled she was, and how she pushed all of her anxieties off on other people with insults that weren't really even big deals)

But at any rate *deep breath*

The other example for me would be when I was going to sell my precious, lovely, amazing, Wii for books and then I got approved for a scholarship I was happy. *rolls with joy like the smilie on myspace*

Ok go go