Yes, yes, I know I've been alive for barely more than a score, but already I've seen dozens of food trends come and go. This is primarily why I roll my eyes at the current healthy eating trend of everything being organic and natural.

Our current buzzword is "lifestyle." We moved away from "diet," which never meant what people used it to mean -- who knows where we're going to go next, and yes, we are going to go somewhere. "Natural" is code for "healthy." "Chemical" is not only code for "unhealthy," but specifically refers to synthesized chemicals, representing a subtle denial that everything is made up of chemicals.

I don't mean to say that some processed foods are bad for you, but I think it's fallacious to assume that everything artificially made is automatically bad for you, and everything "natural" is good. Not to oversimplify, but arsenic occurs in nature and ibuprofen is completely man-made. I'm okay with genetically modified foods and I eat protein bars.

This might start a flame war, or at least encourage a lot of self-righteousness*, but...okay, let's try this. 2-heptyl acetate. Do you want to eat it? Probably not, because it's a chemical! It's probably something added to your food to make it last longer so that greedy corporations can, you know, feed the world and all. And you've probably eaten it today. Especially if you're health conscious, organic, and eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day. You're probably loaded with it. You know why? It's a chemical found in bananas. Nobody put it there. Bananas just come out of the ground with it.

Bananas are trying to fuck you up, man.

* You know who you are. Or maybe you don't. I honestly don't know.