a note to begin this post: I am a huge horror nerd.

so along time ago i posted this http://www.realjock.com/gayforums/503056 , which showed my joy that there was a gay character in a BET horror film. I thought it was cool that a regular horror film known for big breast and sex has finally had a gay character without making it the center of the story and making him a regular charecter and not something to be the butt of jokes...

well this is done by the same company and i dunno maybe the directors gay or something but this is his 2nd film with a gay character as one of the main characters. He's a lil more femmy and kind of typically gay but as they have sex scenes amongst all the straight friends he also gets his own sex scene with a hot cowboy. I'm just glad gays are getting more mainstream especially in horror movies icon_smile.gif

and btw i know Hellbent was a horror film with gay guys in it, but it was a GAY movie it was basicly an hour of sex and 20 min of story.