Need help for a new program!

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    Jan 31, 2010 2:37 AM GMT
    Hi everyone!
    So I need help as I want to make a new program for next week.
    I have gained 15 pounds of muscles and Im looking to gain maybe 10-15 more for next June before the beach season!
    I think I have done a good job with the legs and the arms but I cant get the pecs and the abs to look good and defined!!!

    I do a lot of cardio as well,lots of jogging,biking,tennis etc. about 2 times a week for 45min to 1 hour each time and I work out 5 times a week.
    I do a few sets of abs like 4 times a week and obliques also like 2 times a week.

    How can I grow my pecs,get better abs,and gain some muscle,in maybe 4 months?
    Also,what kind of proteins should I buy?Weight gainers are pretty good,but then you have to say goodbye to abs....
    I try to eat really healthy,never go to the restaurant,I dont drink much alcohol,lots of veggies,dont eat before bed...what more Can i do?

    Here is my current program :

    Day 1
    3 exercices of biceps and 3 triceps found on
    in super 7

    Day 2
    Pecs + back

    pecs : bench press + pecs on a stability ball + push ups on a bosu ball
    (I have a lot of problems with the pecs,I cant use much weight on bench press....I dont know why I cant get strong pecs)
    2 upper back exercice + 1 lower back

    Day 3

    3 trapezes and 3 deltoids exercices

    Day 4

    squats + 2 calf exercices + deadlifts + leg press + leg curl

    Any help would be REALLY appreciated!!!!!!!!

    Thank you all!

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    Jan 31, 2010 2:03 PM GMT
    why dont you try the 12 week muscle building program? along with putting weight on, theres tons of functional exercises that can be useful for you.
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    Jan 31, 2010 4:56 PM GMT
    snowboarder said I do a lot of cardioas well,lots of jogging,biking,tennis etc. about 2 times a week for 45min to 1 hour each time


    That's not a lot.

    Also, the muscle groups you are putting on each day, is that fro bodybuilding or did you just choose to do that?
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    Jan 31, 2010 5:26 PM GMT
    Okay so you shouldn't stop working out your entire body to have an even build through your whole body first and foremost. As for the target areas you should 5 sets of each. 1 set should be light, about 40 lbs lighter then your heavy set day and do 15 - 20 reps of each, 2 set same weight and reps, 3 set 10 - 15 lbs heavier, 4 set same reps 10 - 15 lbs heavier and last set 10 - 15 lbs heavier and 10 sets, the last set is always the hardest to do.

    SO if its your abs and you use normally 120 lbs on the sitting ab crunch machine, start of at 95 lbs a set of 20, 2 set same thing as 1 set, 3 set 110 lbs with a set of 15, 4 set 125 lbs a set of 15 and last set 140 lbs a set of 15, remember to give yourself 30 seconds to a minute rest in between each set. do this 3 times a week and the fourth time of the week just light weights all through each set but keep the reps high at roughly 25 each set at 80 lbs assuming you use 120 lbs normally.

    As for your chest if your normal flat bench weight is 2 45 lbs plates start of with just the bar and do a warm up set of 25 slowly, 1 second up and 1 second down, 2 set 2 25 lbs plates and a set of 20, 3 set 2 35 lbs plates with a set of 20, 4 set 2 45 lbs plates and a set of 15, last set 2 45 lbs plates and 2 10 lbs plates and a set of 10. so that way your about 20 lbs over your normal weight, so if you normally bench 2 45 plates and 2 35 lbs plates, your last set should also have 2 10 lbs plates, hence always about 20 lbs over normal weight.

    Also remember to stretch before each workout plus proper posture when doing each workout.

    Keep this routine for the first 2 months then change it up and then do medium to light weights for the next two to get the defined look before you hit the beach.

    As for protein I would recommend ISOFlex Whey Protein Isolate, take it after your workout and also get a pre workout drink that has no crash effect like a lot of them do, something like ALLMAX Muscle Prime.

    Don't forget you need to find out how much protein your body needs daily, so say your body needs 150 grams of protein daily add another 50 to top it off to gain the muscle you want.

    After all weight training is more of a science these days then just going and lifting like mad and then walking away.

    Hope this helps some, I'd get more into detail here but I'm guessing you'll get more helpful advise from the others on here.
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    Jan 31, 2010 6:48 PM GMT
    Lou Schuler's book New Rules of Lifting is GREAT! The programs are whole body exercise focused,with lower body and upper body split. They are also programmed with rest times to keep your heart rate up,mine hits around 140 & higher for the routines,which are spaced to take 1hr. Amazon has copies for under 10$ and it has an average review of 4 & 1/2 stars out of 5. It's worked great for me.
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    Jan 31, 2010 7:21 PM GMT
    also proper technique for flat bench press can make quite a difference as to how much you can lift. It's a total body workout. There are various YT videos about that.

    When i corrected my position, it became a whole new experience and i was able to add 10 pounds. Not that i lift heavy ( 2X45 + 2X10 ) but i can see i'll be able to progress some more. ( it will never be enormous but i don't care).