P90X - Week 4 and Phase 1 Completed

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    Feb 03, 2010 3:14 PM GMT
    Well, Phase 1 and week 4 are now done. I have to admit, but for Kenpo and Core Synergistics, this week was not a lot of fun. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be. I guess I like the action and high intensity of the workouts that I was getting during the previous weeks. Kinda looking forward to getting back into that.... well, I say that today, but just watch... on my blog after the workout I'll be begging for the nice slow pace of recovery week again!

    Nah... it's gonna be good to getting active and sweaty first thing in the morning again! I know it for sure!

    So here's the best, hardest and worst for the last week, and for Phase 1:

    BEST: I can really see a change in my flexibilty, my energy, and my attitude after this week. I've lost nine pounds (which is funny because I didn't think I had nine pounds to lose), and I am also seeing a very positive change in the way I am preparing and eating my meals. True there is a little less spontaneity at mealtimes, but there's also a little more thought going into what I eat and when. More than anything, I've really fallen in love with this program despite Tony's really pitiful sense of humor, and have started not only facing but also dismantling a barrier in my mind about the results I am anticipating. People, both P90X graduates and cohorts, have been telling me not to give up two minutes before the "miracle" happens, and I am trusting in those words. Oh, and it's been really nice to meet some people who have not only gone through this program, but are supporting me as I do the same. Thanks ya'll!

    HARDEST: Hardest part of last week was wanting to get out there and really pound the exercises out like I am used to, but having to dial back and relax and stretch... settle for more cardio than "iron-work" (as I like to call it). As much as it drains me, the "iron-work" makes me feel the best, physically and emotionally, and I really missed it. I guess this is also part of the philosophy of "muscle confusion," but right now the muscle between my ears is the most confused... but I am trusting that this is part of the program. And as for Phase 1, the hardest part was overcoming the barriers in my mind, obviously.... about all parts of this program, both the exercise routines and the change in diet The blog has been a huge help in just getting things out of my head so that I can focus on the training and the meal plan, and I am hopeful that I will see some change in my psyche and attitude as I review the pages of the last month.

    WORST: Took my "30 days" photos today... and I just don't see any huge transformations yet. It's a little disheartening. I know that I've got to keep at it and not expect to wake up with a brand new body overnight. It's tough, though. You'd think that after the kind of work I put into this last month I'd see more, but I don't. I should really just be content with the very significant progress in attitude, general fitness, flexibility, and eating habits that I mentioned above. Even Mr. Horton says it too: "Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your body." It's one of the few clich├ęs in his repertoire that I can not only live with but also with which I can agree wholeheartedly. Still going to do my best and forget the rest.... what else can I do? I'm sure it will be worth it.

    So... overall a pretty good Phase 1. I'm traveling for the weekend, so this next week will not only be the beginning of Phase 2, but will also be the first experiment I have had with traveling and doing P90X. Will probably write from home tomorrow night, but will be writing from out of state Friday and Saturday for sure!

    Thanks again guys!

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    Feb 03, 2010 6:44 PM GMT
    I did it for 30 day and there was no change either. I gave it away, but a friend assured me that the second phase is when the results start so I will be curious to see what happens to you.
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    Feb 04, 2010 8:04 PM GMT
    The first time I did the program (I stopped at the end of the second phase), I didn't see any results until the second phase. For what it's worth, you're doing great, and you put up with Tony much better than I do.
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    Feb 04, 2010 8:07 PM GMT
    Look at any series of progressive photos and most changes occur in phase II and even more in phase III. For some people, major change comes in their second round altogether. There is a cumulative effect - which is frustrating b/c I have either gotten sick or injured myself at around the 6th week mark every time.