Rock For Equality

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    Rock For Equality

    Rock For Equality


    Did you know that the Social Security Administration forces you to fund discrimination against LGBT Seniors?

    All working Americans are required to pay into Social Security, but America's LGBT seniors are denied vital benefits afforded to others - the very benefits that can make the difference between a stable retirement and a frighteningly uncertain future.

    In the past decade alone, America's same-sex couples have been unfairly deprived of more than $2 billion* in Social Security benefits.

    Watch this [URL=""]video[/URL] and see the
    discrimination firsthand.


    What can you do?

    Join Rock for Equality, a national event to demand economic fairness in Social Security benefits for America's same-sex couples.


    In April, in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.,
    we will demonstrate outside local Social Security offices and stage a new kind of civil rights event. In each city we will fill the streets with the first-ever
    Rally & Rock-In. And we will raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the fight to change

    the law and secure equal recognition of same-sex relationships. Be a part of THE civil rights issue of the 21st century.

    *Estimated loss of Social Security benefits since 2000, based on research from the Williams Institute, University of California-Los Angeles School of Law.

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    What Kind of Planet Are We On?

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    Make sure to rate the video and add a comment on youtube. It needs more support so more people will see it. Thanks!
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    Here is another good one:

    Portraits of Discrimination