Former Gorgoroth Frontman and Black Metal legend, Gaahl, named Homosexual of the Year

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    Former GORGOROTH Frontman Named 'Homosexual Of The Year' - Feb. 4, 2010
    Last week the annual Bergen Gay Galla was held, and various awards were presented to persons and institutions that have contributed to the gay community in Bergen, Norway.

    The most prestigious award was given to Kristian Espedal (a.k.a. Gaahl). The former GORGOROTH vocalist was named "Homosexual Of The Year" and accepted the award in person.

    "I don't need an award to be myself. But if this can help other people in the same scene as me, it's a positive thing," Gaahl told local newspaper Bergensavisen.

    Gaahl, 34, is involved in a relationship with 19-year-old Robin Jakobsen (pictured below with Gaahl).

    When asked how he met his current partner, Gaahl said, "It was after closing time. I was at Fincken (gay bar in Bergen). Robin came to the club to look for his former boyfriend. I was buzzed on white wine, and suddenly I saw a glowing figure in the door. That was Robin. I thought to myself that he must be mine."

    Was it love at first sight?

    "No…I had to work a little for it."

    Were people surprised when you came out as a homosexual?

    "I think it's strange that it wasn't known before, but I never had a need to go public with it. Finally a German journalist had the guts to ask the question, and I answered him. It wasn't any more painful than that."

    For those of you who are not metal heads, Gaahl is the devil worshiping, castle dwelling former frontman of Gorgoroth. Gaahl was sent to prison for a number of years because he had (as I understand it) kidnapped a person, chained them, and drew blood from their chest with the intent of drinking it from his chalice.

    After being asked by a journalist about his sexuality, Gaahl informed the journalist that he was gay, and since then there has been somewhat of a (what I guess you could call a) media circus around Gaahl. Here's an interview with him about what satan represents to him.

    Here is Gaahl talking about his sexuality

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