How would you rule? No Olympics for amputee sprinter IAAF rules Pistorius ineligible to compete in Beijing

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    Jan 14, 2008 7:40 PM GMT
    BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- The IAAF ruled Monday that double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius is ineligible to compete in the Beijing Olympics because his prosthetic racing legs give him a clear competitive advantage.
  • cowboyathlete

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    Jan 14, 2008 9:25 PM GMT
    Not sure how I view the situation, but the guy looks much hotter in this picture:
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    Jan 14, 2008 10:11 PM GMT
    I think it's a fair decision, although I can see why it appears not to be. Were the "able bodied" athletes looking to compete on roller blades or horse back, a similar decision would have been reached. His prostheses go beyond compensating his disability and give him a strong advantage against runners using their own legs. He shouldn't be allowed to compete with them.
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    Jan 20, 2008 11:43 PM GMT
    Yes, I agree with their ruling.

    1. can he have a major cramp on his calf? NO

    2. can he twist his ankle? NO

    3. if you cut off one of the runners leg from his knee on down and weigh it with the artificial leg which one weighs more (?)

    4. everything has to be all natural,... no steroids or any enhance drugs, artificial limps.

    He can compete with other amputees, I don't have a problem with that. icon_smile.gif
  • anhphl

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    Jan 21, 2008 12:05 AM GMT
    Oscar Pistorius is an inspiration. He represents the true Olympics spirit. I hope he will make it to Beijing.
  • GQjock

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    Jan 22, 2008 11:22 AM GMT
    We've gotten to the point where we can improve upon the limits of the human body
    ... his prostheses are better functioning and give him a better chance than a man with human legs

    No...he has an unfair advantage
    Even tho it doesn't seem like it
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    Jan 22, 2008 3:02 PM GMT
    A good article from The New York Times says:

    Among ethicists, Pistorius’s success has spurred talk of “transhumans” and “cyborgs.” Some note that athletes already modify themselves in a number of ways, including baseball sluggers who undergo laser eye surgery to enhance their vision and pitchers who have elbow reconstruction using sturdier ligaments from elsewhere in the body.

    There is no need to agree or not with the IAAF decision, their decision has been made after professional studies and tests. Contesting or arguing it, is like arguing a criminal investigation. The investigation uses facts to proove what happen, what is true, what is wrong. Same here, the decision is not part of the social issue of disabled integration, but only the result of a research.

    However, rules needs to be established clearly in every sports that no confusion and debate appear. And in my opinion the laser eye surgeries and elbow reconstructions quoted above should be more regulate, that our players stay natural human as they are.

    Only my opinion...
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    Jan 22, 2008 3:47 PM GMT
    Lazer eye surgery is very different. In essence it's the same as wearing contact lenses. The players would not develop super human vision, simply a normal level of uncorrected vision. The ligament transplanty thing sounds a bit dodgy though