Ever Have a Sudden Insight or Revelation That Really Influenced Your Life?

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    Feb 09, 2010 4:38 PM GMT
    I've had a number, but as an example to kick this off, I'll give one I had in 4th grade, when I had just turned 9, in 1958. I was sitting in class, daydreaming as usual, the subject boring me to death. I think it was arithmetic (aka "math" today).

    And I had already begun to learn algebra on my own, from books at home, since none of our school texts touched on it. And another thing I did was convert my arithmetic homework to the binary number system, and solve it that way, just to amuse myself. I was fascinated by early computers, and how they used binary to operate, and the implications for the thinking of the human brain, which undermined my Roman Catholic teachings of a soul. But I digress...

    As I sat in that sterile classroom, the thought suddenly stuck me, I don't know how or why, that this teacher really wasn't teaching me at all. I was teaching MYSELF, as I did outside that miserable room, and she was merely providing the material, answering questions, and monitoring our progress.

    So that the concept that a teacher teaches us is basically false, I concluded, and there's no magic in a classroom, either. I can learn as well, if not better, in lots of other places. Yet the necessity of the classroom what children tend to think.

    That realization changed my whole approach to learning and research. And I never saw a teacher the same way again, nor a school. Now I view teachers as moderators and validators of learning, but not the givers. And schools being efficient places for that purpose, but not essential. Hence I am today open to the concept of online learning.

    And what epiphanies have you had?
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    Feb 09, 2010 5:47 PM GMT
    When I was 20, I had an epiphany when I was getting ready to commit suicide that the Christians that I'd surrounded myself were teaching me that I was sinful for being gay but did absolutely nothing to make me feel welcome in their groups, while my so-called "sinful" friends wanted me to hang out with them al the time. I realized I'd been duped and made to feel so bad about myself I was contemplating suicide, and that being gay must not be as bad as I'd been taught.

    Big day for me. I came out, finished school with honors, went to grad school, found a nice boyfriend, and will get a nice job soon.

    Kind of dramatic, but it was a big epiphany for me.
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    Feb 09, 2010 6:55 PM GMT
    Just one example. One sunny morning I was waiting for the train to come (okay, we use trains a lot here in Germany). I was thirty-eight. I had a sudden thought. When my mother was my age (and my dad thirty-nine), they had two boys, one about to graduate high school. I had no idea how to raise children. I didn't know how I would scrape together the money to feed four people. Yet my parents had been doing both for half "my" lifetime. Any frustration I felt at how I'd been raised dissipated instantly in that moment. They did a fantastic job with their resources and education.