First week of Phase 2 is done now. So time for the usual weekly review:

BEST - This was overall an excellent week as far as training went. Traveling with P90X was a cool experiment, which I think went well. Gives me some hope for an upcoming extended business trip that I have coming up at the end of March. Definitely seeing improvement with reps and form, but also starting to see some changes in the physique, I think! May have seen some ab lines and broadening of the shoulders! Even if it is just wishful thinking, it made me feel pretty good about the work I am doing!

HARDEST - Doing cardio at the right heart rate... I thought I was a little high this week during Plyo, Kenp and CArdio, but maybe not. I consulted with some colleagues, and they told me not to worry.

WORST - I don't think there WAS a worst part, this week! Aside from being rished a bit when I ate my meals, I think the worst parts of the week had nothing to do with P90X (e.g., not getting the job at ASU and having the car stolen), but instead were dealt with by using P90X. It kinda kept me from flying off the handle too much when those things came to pass.

So basically an "A-" week! (patting self on the back)
Week 6 starts tomorrow!

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