Anyone use the BodyBugg as seen on Biggest Loser?

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    Feb 13, 2010 11:28 PM GMT
    I've been looking into heart rate monitors with calorie management systems and noticed that the Bodybugg was never listed. I watch the Biggest Loser and it seems that it's more of a calorie management system than anything else. I tried researching it but didn't really find anything on it. Have any of you tried this before? Is it better than a HRM or is it more of a supplement? Thanks.
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    Feb 14, 2010 3:53 AM GMT
    I posted a really long piece on it here... and there is some great info there from other people too.

    Here's a copy paste:

    If you look on the right arm of my photo, you can see the body bugg. I have a very mixed relationship with it. First, I think it's accurate, but it's hard to upkeep. It's not so bad at first when you're into it, but after a few weeks it loses the charm. You see, you have to wear it all the time-- except in water. Never in water! And it knows when you take it off? Why? Because aside from the general profile you have online, when you upload your data, you have to account for all the time you didn't wear it.

    Which brings me to my next issue. The website. When you buy it, you usually get a 3-6 month subscription to their website. You have to use the website. Unless you buy the watch, which you can directly upload your HR, calorie count, steps taken, and hours active onto, the body bugg is useless. It doesn't project your information. You have to upload it on the website and the website based on all the vitals the body bugg records will tell you how much you burned. Pluses of the website is that you can see your calories, steps take, HR, etc... all graphed out throughout the day. Negatives are that you have to pay for it after the subscription and the food bank. You see, the body bugg only tells you how much you burned, not how much you consumed. You have to manually enter your food, and even though their food bank is so inclusive that it covers everything, it's a chore to have to do it. I ended up skipping because the body bugg said I burned between 5000 and 8000 calories a day, and I don't consume that much.

    When you buy it, you get a free personal training session, which can be helpful to understanding how it works. They will walk you through the site. My thing with the body bugg is that the science is wrong. Yes, 3500 calories is a pound. But if you only consume 2000 calories a day, their website will say you burned 1500 calories a day, which is 3 pounds a week. Hate to break it to you, but your body doesn't work that way. If your body is too short on calories, it goes into starvation mode and doesn't burn as efficiently. I could burn 5000 calories a day and still not lose weight because my body knew that it wouldn't replenish all those calories. Not to mention their is muscle fatigue and that your body becomes more inefficient at burning with time so you lose less.

    I think the body bugg is great for a month, but after that it's pointless. You kinda always end up burning the same amount day to day, so after a month, you don't get told anything you wouldn't know. I didn't even upload for my last month. Plus, I got really bad arm pain from wearing it too long. My suggestion is to see if you can buy one used, or just borrow one for a few weeks. It will serve its purpose in that short time. My personal trainer works for 24, the gym who whores out the body bugg, and she would never wear one. I asked her why, and she said, "Because it's my job to tell you how you're doing, not a little machine. Beside, it doesn't make you lose weight, training with me does." So true Shar! After all, the body bugg is just a tool, and like a HR monitor, it doesn't actually do anything than measure things. If you had to choose, spend the money on personal training or a new pair of bike shoes and HR monitor, those things will last a lot longer and will contribute to weight loss.

    Feel free to ask me anything else I might have left out.