What's the fastest way to gain muscle and get toned?

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    Feb 14, 2010 6:30 AM GMT
    I would really like to get in shape and get some confidence in myself going. I have always been told I have a good build, I don't want to get super ripped or anything just toned/defined and actually have a 6 pack for once and build my chest up. Problem is I just don't know where to begin.....

    if anyone has some advice I'd greatly appreciate it, thank you!
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    Feb 14, 2010 9:37 AM GMT
    from your pic you have a nice athletic body. It won´t be too hard to get a more muscular body.

    Lift intelligently (not too often, with correct form, using weight you can do the exercise correctly with, with intensity and focus, working the whole body and developing opposing muscles in a balanced way),
    eat well (frequently, smaller portions, lower fat, no processed and refined foods and crap, high protein, complex carbs),
    rest well (8 hours sleep a night, days off).

    3 months will give you a noticable difference, a year and you´ll have a new body. You don´t need to lift more than 3 times a week to start with. Once you start to lift more than that you have to be careful not to over train. THis is why some people do splits. You do not need them until you are training 4 plus days a week. You really need to find a GOOD trainer or experienced lifter to show you correct form otherwise you will not be using your energy in the gym to most effect.

    Look at my private pics and you´ll see what I mean

    BTW self confidence is only loosely related to how you look. There are people who look terrible who have lots of it, and people who look amazing who have none at all .

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    Feb 14, 2010 5:32 PM GMT
    I like your response Lostboy. Very balanced way of looking at body image and self-confidence. My self-confidence has increased as I take better care of myself. When I became committed to my career path, my self-confidence increased dramatically as I had more security in knowing who I am. I think appearance is somewhat related to self-confidence, but as Lost says, there are those whose self-confidence is the source of their attraction, not their physique.