10 Promises That Obama KEPT (but you may have forgotten about...)

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    Feb 17, 2010 5:11 AM GMT

    10 Promises That Obama KEPT

    (but you may have forgotten about...)

    10. Created and trained a "Young Artist Corps" to work in low-income schools to give more students access to the arts AND made it easier for foreign artists to showcase their work in the USA.

    9. Nullified Bush attempts to make the timely release of Presidential Records more difficult.

    8. Passed the Mathew Shepard Act AND Appointed the first ever Transgender Administration Official.

    7. Increased troops in Afghanistan AND taught the military to speak foreign languages.

    6. Increased Funding For National Parks & Forests AND Appointed an American Indian Policy Adviser (Kimberly Teehee) to the White House AND opened up new places for hunting and fishing.

    5. Reviewed Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.

    4. Laid the Groundwork for an International Space Station.

    3. Rebuilt schools AND community-based crime fighting programs in post-Katrina New Orleans.

    2. Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act AND Appointed the first-ever Advisor to the White House (Lynn Rosenthal) on Violence Against Women.

    1. Banned Lobbyists from giving "gifts" to Federal Executive Employees.


    President Barack Obama "babysits" for House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi's grandchild in a congress hallway.

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    Feb 17, 2010 4:25 PM GMT
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