So I found this article interesting. The other day at work the TV was on the news channels (CTV for about half the shift, CBC for the other half) and while both networks were mostly covering two stories-- the Olympics and this Operation Moshtarak (whereby coalition forces in Afghanistan have been scouring one of the Taliban's more active regions to root them out)-- none of them remarked upon the connection that the article's author made; namely, that during the Olympics there's supposedly a suspension of international hostilities.

Now I'm all for spanking the Taliban, because they're jerks. But I was kind of disappointed with myself that watching the two stories that predominated the news the other day I didn't make that link on my own; before happening upon that rabble article I was more aware of Canada's medal count than Moshtarak's civilian body-count. And it strikes me now that that's probably just the way TPTB wanted it. Suddenly the timing seems really suspect.

When I posted a link to the same story on facebook a friend made a funny about the two high-ranking Al-Qaeda guys captured in the last week. He said 'we' got the drop on them because they stopped moving around to watch the Olympics on the big screen, and I joked along that they revealed their position by ululating too loudly for the Afghan bobsled team. But humour aside, supposing that was even true, how fucked up would that be? If an international athletics competition-- sports, fer' gawd's sakes!-- had everyone so enthralled, so transfixed, that the terrorists didn't notice a tank bearing down on their position, the rest of us didn't notice our troops were taking out innocent civilians during an aggressive push, and next to nobody noticed that all of this is going on at a time when "in the spirit of peaceful international competition and fellowship" (or whatever) everyone was supposed to take a few weeks off killing each other?

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with taking an interest in the games that come around every 4 years and effect the world very little. Only that I was acutely reminded that none of us should be so distracted that we forget the world continues turning and there's still serious shit going on that we should be mindful of.