So last night I had a dream that my dad found a fourm I posted on here printed out on my bed and he found it. In the dream he yells fir me and I run into my room and look at him likes hrs crazy and he lifts up the paper and he says "Your a fag?" there was no way out and then he leaves my room and I'm fucking shocked! Then he yells for my mom and she was like what?!?!and he says "did you know Rolando is homosexual?!!" (he asked in Spanish) and my mom replies "what?! No! And she storms into my room and I think she's going to slap me but she comes up to my face and asked me "what the fuck were you thining telling your dad?!" and I told her I didn't he accidently found out. While I was talking to my mom my dad starts calling for my but if you know my father he loves to joke about shit that is not funny so he starts call out little faggot come here in Spanish which I think is spelled like this 'mariconsito' I think it's spelled wrong but w/e; so I ignore him and I was like mom WTF do I do?! And then allnof a sudden were back in Cali. (my patents live in Germany) and my mom was yelling at me and tellig me that I wasn't allowed to talk to this guy I'm talking to on real jock because he's too old for me and I was like bitch I pay my own bills I do what I want!! And then I woke up to my iPhone alarm (sexy bitch) well RJ what does my dream mean?! It was so real I didn't know what to do and I believe this could def be a reaction to my dad if I came out and my mom if she found out I'm getting fucked by someone that's a few years older than my dad.