Countering The Churches Of Hate

Many churches have used the marriage issue to manipulate their flock into sticking together for a cause for reasons that are just nonsense. It has worked well for them and I don't think that we have found an effective solution to deal with this.

If we could develop an effective marketing campaign that would encourage their flock to leave to churches that do nto support bigotry, we would be hurting these churches to what they truly care and power. If the issue gets turned around with their flock, they will begin to quiet down since it would not work for them any more.

What kind of effective campaign can we create that will result pin people changing churches? Please remember that most churches are already hurting right now with the way the economy is right now. It might not take that much more to really get them to stop pushing people to be bigots.

I don't think that it would work to try and make everyone atheists. Some people are just wired to believe in a God.

1. We need people to realize that choosing a church is a choice and they don't have to belong to one that teaches hate. That those teachings are not accurate and are just manipulate and hateful.

2. We need to make it easy for people to find alternatives.

3. We need to show people that they are always welcome to join a church that is loving, caring, and compassionate.

What do you think?