Working as a fito/aromatherapist around the world... any experiences here?

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    Feb 21, 2010 10:12 PM GMT
    This is the thing, I finished high school and am currently wondering what I should do with my life. I've been going to college for a year (economics) but am kinda thinking of at least putting it on pause for now, since I've got tons of problems and can't really concentrate on it (plus it's not that very interesting). I was thinking of trying something that doesn't take 5 years to complete. Alternative medicine and wellness has always been something I liked a lot and I've gotten an oportunity to go to combined fitotherapy and aromatherapy courses next year here in Croatia, everything would be payed, it lasts about 12 months, is based on a French programme and you get a diploma plus you can then continue taking various other smaller courses to learn even more stuff. The whole alternative medicine and wellness thing is just starting to grow here in Croatia, but I wanted to ask you guys here if there are some of you who work in this field, how it is and if it's enough to live from. I would also love to one day live somewhere else, so I'm gathering experiences on how people are satisfied with this profession around the world. Plus already having diplomas that say I'm fluent in English, German and Spanish should I think be a big bonus to the whole living abroad idea. What do you think?
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    Feb 21, 2010 10:28 PM GMT
    You might wanna find out which countries have health insurance policies that offer reimbursement for this sort of alternative medicine practice. Here in the Netherlands many alternative medicine practices receive reimbursements.