Blurred lines of politics

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    Feb 24, 2010 5:12 AM GMT
    So being in speech competitions and generally watching the news i have always been puzzled by one simple thing.

    Why do politicians blur the line between religion and politics so easily without anyone calling them out. Specifically based on the ideology of this nations separation of church and state.

    Just the other day Tim Pawlenty was on Meet the Press talking about his political views and just going on about his religious views and the founding fathers. Times have changed and i think that our desegregated schools and female voters would very much agree. Of course habits are hard to change but why do they blast gay people in the poles...dont ask dont tell...prop 8...things of that sort.

    What i hate is when they talk so kindly about their open mindedness and than talk about how much they hate abortion because god wouldnt want it that way. Of course on that line i dont want to kill babies myself but choice is to be given to those who it will effect. I was reprumended in my last job for being gay, my co-workers could talk openly about their girlfriends or best friends around the water cooler or to customers but i was not allowed to speak a work about my "sexual orientation" which inevitably made working conditions horrible and i left. Sad days.

    Beyond work politics im just curious to know how people can so easily be two faced knowing they can be called b.s. on it.

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    Feb 24, 2010 12:57 PM GMT
    Religion is perceived as a familiar thing. By associating themselves with it, they not only put out the image of sanctity and holiness but can also gather more votes, especially those from evangelical churches which more often than not, will vote for the candidate their leaders have endorsed.

    In catholic countries like ours, this is even more rampant. To the point that politicians will woo the 'crazies' simply because by convincing these TV evangelicals they can guarantee the vote of hundreds of thousands of people. And when I say 'crazies', I do not mean it lightly. I really mean crazy batshit insane evangelical leaders who believe they are the second coming of Jesus, literally.

    Even those less inclined to do that, still will try and insert 'God' into secular speeches simply because it makes them look good and sound good.

    This goes back to the time of the Holy Roman Empire actually. When everything and everyone were under the clutches of the popes. Attempting to distance yourself or even just not caring much about the Vatican can get you excommunicated and make your country a free-for-all for all neighboring 'pious' countries and even your own subjects. (An example is Robert the Bruce of Scotland). You HAD to pay lip service to the churches, even if it is just lip service.

    And farther than that. To the god-kings of Egypt and Babylon, the god-chosen of China, the god-emperor of Japan, the anointed Kings of Israel, the Caliphs of the Middle East, the high priests of the Mayans. They have always been intertwined. Only the gods and goddesses change, the modus operandi is the same.

    Organized religion has always been a tool for controlling people. Politicians may think they are the ones in control, but they are only puppets still. Religion has a deeper, greater hold on the people. With fallback measures meant to stop anyone from ever toppling them (the only thing religion is actually vulnerable from is another religion) - the imposition of guilt, the threat of hell, the warning against false prophets, the requirement of rituals, the appearance of piety, the support of a powerful being, indoctrination, the creation of outside threats to stop people from examining them too closely, anti-intellectualism (in the people of the book this is even more explicit - the original sin is the consumption of the fruit of the tree of KNOWLEDGE. How blatantly anti-intellectual can you get?), etc. etc.

    It's just politics. Politicians could be sending people to death camps and still look like saints if they just speak about god often enough.