"Tower 200"

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    Mar 02, 2010 12:38 AM GMT
    Over the weekend I bought a piece of equipment from "Body by Jake" called the "Tower 200" this is something you hang on your door and use the resistance bands to help workout.

    Wonder if anyone has used it and if you like it or not. Also, if you know of any good workouts to use with it. The chart they give you has a picture of each one, but nothing to tell you how to do it. The video that is included has 3-minute workouts for the different body parts.

    Any and all help will be great and wonderful...

    Thanks guys
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    Mar 10, 2012 4:16 PM GMT
    I bought one 2 days ago for a decent price. So my partner and I are going to workout at home from now on, the gym was fun but its not the focus on where I would like us to go, besides the money we spend in a year well pays for the thing and if it breaks I have an extended warranty and its not expensive anyways.

    I figure it will do us well enough until we save up for a bowflex. We don't need the gym for inspiration, its more annoying with meat heads who have no idea what they are doing to the chatty Kathy to the machine hogs. I know that the people in the gym have no real social life and that's fine but come on, talking for 30 minutes and than doing one set is fucked up, 30 - 90 rest is all you need between sets. If you have to go longer than that its too much for you body lol

    Any whore, we're gonna use this for the next little while and I'm going to track our progress icon_smile.gif

    Today is going to be day one of the working out at home icon_cool.gif