Workout plans OK to start with?

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    Mar 02, 2010 9:27 PM GMT
    Hey guys

    I just read the workout plans listed on this website. Before I initiate, I just want to be sure that it's the right thing to start with.

    Quick overview of my "situation":
    - Currently 24 years old
    - Just recently finished college, obtained 2 academic degrees + commercial pilot licence
    - Meant a lot of studying at the cost of NO more exercise since I turned 18.
    - Recently passed my pilot licence medical renewal (highest class) with no issues, but received an advisory about BMI which is 29.9. Doctor advised to do exercise but considering medical history and other vital signs he told me I still have "margin".

    Busy college years have passed and now I have again time available to lose the weight built up during those years. Back in high school I liked swimming, cycling and running. I never liked team sports. I do have the tendency to want to do too much exercise at one time, without gradually building up over weeks, which may cause demotivation.

    Do you think one of the workout plans is a good first step back to a normal BMI? Or should I first do something else to build up some basic condition/musle before going to them?

    Thank you

  • swimbikerun

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    Mar 02, 2010 9:56 PM GMT
    Hey there, welcome aboard! You're going to get a lot of different opinions about which program to follow but IMHO, calorie counting is king.
    Period. Whether it is through a program like Weight Watchers or Richard Simmons or Lose It on the iPhone you'll need to track how much you're eating and how much exercise you do.
    More than likely when you begin to track your calories you'll see that you're probably over budget if your goal is to lose fat.

    As you can see from the above chart you are currently in the "Obese" category.
    You can use the above chart to set a reasonable goal for predicted weight loss.
    The safest maximum amount is two pounds per week.

    There are lots of free tools available online but I really like the Lose It iPhone app.

    Of course regular exercise helps. A short easy run of 30min. three days per week is just about all the exercise you'd need to start with.

    You might purchase an inexpensive food scale. Weighing and measuring food is an essential tool for caloric monitoring.

    Heck do nothing more than look at the label of the foods you are currently eating. You might be surprised at what a single serving is! I sure was when I started!
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    Mar 03, 2010 5:31 AM GMT
    There's almost always time to workout, even for folks who have three jobs. It's how that time is managed that is important.

    Any of the entry level plans here, or on, should be fine. You didn't talk about your prior experience with weights, if any. If you have a friend that lifts, you may ask them to help you out for a few days.

    An electronic postal scale is a much better scale than a junk food scale, FYI.
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    Jul 08, 2010 11:00 AM GMT
    Hey guys

    Sorry to dig this thread up, but just wanted to let you know about my progress. And I wanted to give a big thank you to the community!

    I started May 3th. Banned all soda and other high-calorie foods from my menu, which was easier than I thought, and saved me a lot of $$$. At the same day I started going to the gym. The monthly subscription could easily be paid by the money I saved from buying water instead of Coke.

    It's just amazing to see the difference now. I went from a BMI of >30 to currently 24. I feel a lot healthier, I'm more productive, and I'm happier. I also noted improvements in my social live icon_wink.gif. First week there wasn't much progress. But then as of the second week the pounds started to melt. Swimbikerun's advise is really good, and the advise in general on this site, including the workout plans, are really top notch! I strongly advise anyone to read them.

    Currently I'm still aiming at weight loss, my goal is BMI of 21-22 (my initial goal was 24.9 icon_smile.gif), but less strict then before, I'm mostly making sure that I don't GAIN weight.

    If I could give advise to other members, there are two twing you need to get a healthy weight in 2 months: PERSEVERANCE and TIME. Really, weight loss is all about motivation. Males tend to be more motivated when they have a clear goal to reach, preferably one that can be enforced socially. Mine was to pass the army physical fitness test, which I did two weeks ago. TIME: and I need to disagree with chuckystud, exercise drains a lot of energy from your body, and I really mean a lot. If you have a busy life you will not be able to allocate enough energy resources to a heavy weight loss program. I was lucky that I didn't have to do anything except going to the gym, running, and losing weight. If I still had to go to college at the same time it would NOT have worked, it's as simply as that. Chuckystud: in order to MANAGE time, you need to HAVE time.

    Thanks guys for your support and for the putting up all the excellent resources and information on realjock. It really helped me in reaching my goal, and it will help many other guys in reaching theirs. I'll keep coming back to check out workout plans and your advice, you gained my trust icon_smile.gif.

    My goal for the next few weeks: get a swimmers body. I no longer doubt that I will reach it, I'm just wondering when I will reach it icon_smile.gif. Your advice is welcome.

    Have a great day, and thank you so much,

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    Jul 08, 2010 11:21 AM GMT
    well done, but don't get stuck on the BMI. My most recent pics were taken when I was 5 9 and 175lb. THat's 25.8 on the BMI, but there is no way in hell you could say I was fat on them. It works for people with very little muscle, once you start training then BMI becomes irrelevant.

    Take pictures, measure your waist. Look in the mirror.... those are much better guides...