American Family Association: Stone To Death Killer 'Whale' (Orcas) Who Killed Trainer

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    Mar 03, 2010 10:21 PM GMT
    American Family Association: Stone To Death Killer 'Whale' (Orca) Who Killed Trainer

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    Mar 03, 2010 10:43 PM GMT
    Absolutely inappropriate!
    There is a vast difference between an ox who gores a man, or for that matter a dog which maims a child, to that of a whale kept in captivity. We have a law in the UK that if a dog bites a human, especially a child, without provocation, then the dog is put down.
    I also believe that if an ox or other farm animal that maims or kills a human should be put down, but not by stoning, but by being shot between the eyes, (where death is instant) or given a lethal injection, which causes the beast to die in its sleep.
    The whale kept in captivity is altogether a different matter. It is totally against nature. In its natural environment it hunts in a pod, not entertain humans. The death of the trainer was a tragic accident.
    I have visited Sea World in San Diego twice in 1995 and 1997. There I watched the Killer Whale perform (and got a thorough drenching while fully dressed - thank goodness it was warm that day). The drenching made me realise how unnatural the whole set up was, and left with the wish that the whale was released back to the ocean where it belongs.
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    Mar 04, 2010 12:50 AM GMT
    I have always been uneasy watching these animals
    that seem to be happy and it's all smiles and laughs
    when they jump and splash and wave their fins

    But this is not normal behavior for them
    these are wild animals
    they have instincts that have bred into them for millions of years
    You cannot take a ton and a half animal and plop him into a tank the size of a soccer field and think that he's going to be happy

    Now specifically when it comes to Killer whales
    These are hunter predators
    I know that it's icky and scary but they kill to survive
    so hunting and killing comes naturally to them
    and a trainer in a wet suit hunkered down at the edge of a pool
    sets into motion a series of hunting instincts in these animals

    Because of this I will not see anymore of these shows