Has anybody else heard of these shoes? We got them at my work and they say they help with a whole host of issues related to walking, posture, back, stomach, etc. (strengthening and toning muscle groups, flattening stomach). I've always had problems with shoes, posture and my legs. My pelvis is tilted so my abs don't show, my back is very fragile, I walk mostly on the outside of my feet, etc. I do have orthotics but they don't seem to help too much.

But yeah I've been wearing these at work for about 2 weeks and its great. My back feels more solid, I feel more stable and best of all, my abs are starting to pop slowly. My pelvis is starting to straighten so I look slimmer and my ass is getting rounder. I can stand on cement for 8 hours and not feel sore and fatigued in the places where I used too.

The shoes are quite an ingenious idea, they're meant to replicate the most natural walking surface of all(sand). They have a large rounded foam wedge on the bottom meant to cushion your walk and to put you slightly off balance. By doing this it takes the pressure away from your joints and puts it into your stabilizing muscles. Hmm I never actually realized how actually damaging the surfaces we walk on all day are.