Do you keep yourself informed?

  • Thomas757

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    Mar 08, 2010 9:00 PM GMT
    Working in HIV prevention and education has made me wonder...How many people keep themselves informed about all the changes in HIV treatment and prevention? I also wonder if the guys out there take the initiative in talking to younger men about the importance of protecting themselves?
  • Muscmasmat

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    Mar 08, 2010 11:41 PM GMT
    I'll admit I don't keep up with the latest in HIV treatments. I rely on my doctor to provide me with suggestions on changes to my regimen if necessary, in my every-6-month checkups. If you recommend a different approach, I'd be glad to get your recommendations.

    I don't typically talk to younger men about protecting themselves, unless it is in a forum or something like that. HOWEVER, on VERY MANY occassions I have had to take the initiative in making sure sex with the men I am intimate with is safer sex. I can't tell you the number of occassions I could have barebacked a guy and he did not take any initiative at all to make sure I was using a condom. That is OK I guess since I always make sure sex with me is safer sex. However, it does DISTURBE ME a GREAT DEAL, when I see guys not being proactive in protecting themselves. It makes me worried about them becoming HIV+ with unsafe practices. We really need to energize the effort of education with younger gay men. For those of us that went through the worst times of the AIDS epedimic and saw many friends and loved ones die, we got the educational message. But something more needs to be done for those that have not had the benefit of this unfortunate education. I know in Houston the health department is trying to engage the community better with HIV proctection education, but I don't see any sustained campaign or effort out in the community.
  • Thomas757

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    Mar 09, 2010 5:28 PM GMT
    Listening to your Doctor is ideal, especially if they are an HIV specialist. However I like to remind people that if you have a question you should feel free to ask your Doctor. While the Doctor is the highly trained and hard studied individual it's your body and in a way he is your employee.

    Being sure that you always play safe is great! In talking to several people living with HIV there is a disturbing (to me) trend of lack of knowledge, and even more disturbing a lack of feeling good enough about who they were to take the steps in order to protect themselves.

    A personal opinion on my part is that getting young gay men, and young people in general, to love themselves enough to protect their health is key in prevention. However, that will require a major cultural person at a time.