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YMCA-Swim Lessons-Naked Little Boys

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    QUOTE Jun 27, 2010 7:53 PM GMT
    I remember taking boys' swim lessons at the YMCA in the seventies, but we all wore suits. They just had us pull them off at the end of the class and wring them off in the pool. The next year, the new, co-ed YWCA was finished, and of course, everyone was clothed.

    I teach swimming at my local Y now, and our facility even has special locker rooms for mother-daughter and father-son. No adult is allowed to use them unless accompanied by his or her child. Heck, if, in the middle of a class, a child has to go to the bathroom, one of the teachers of the same sex has to accompany the child, not to let the child go in alone. Oh, and parents are not allowed to leave the building to run errands, but rather have to stay in the lobby, behind the glass through which they can observe the class.
    We take extreme care at the end of each lesson to make sure every child is paired up with the correct adult. All of those "filtering issues" have apparently been resolved, because even people with the longest hair aren't required to wear a swimcap.

    There's a lot more social awareness now too, in the sense that they won't pair up a three-year-old beginner with an eight-year-old, for example. Therefore, you can get a class of 8-10-year-olds at a wide variety of ability levels and somehow have to make it work, from those who can do a little freestyle to those who are still afraid to put their face in the water.

    Does anyone else remember the instructors as being much more out of the pool, on the sidelines, than they are today? We wouldn't be caught dead nowadays, not being in there with them. I seem to remember, esp. at the YMCA, the coaches just standing on the sidelines.
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    QUOTE Jun 27, 2010 8:20 PM GMT
    I've never taught naked children or heard of it being done, and my children would never be taught in such a setting. I can imagine 46 years ago things may have been different bu it's still fishy to me, lol. I am a Swim Lessons Instructor/Swim Coach at my local YMCA
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    QUOTE Jun 27, 2010 8:43 PM GMT
    Waterboi07 saidI've never taught naked children or heard of it being done, and my children would never be taught in such a setting. I can imagine 46 years ago things may have been different bu it's still fishy to me, lol. I am a Swim Lessons Instructor/Swim Coach at my local YMCA

    At 21 it's unlikely you would have heard about this, and certainly not encountered it in the US during your own lifetime. It started to die out in the 1970s and early '80s, when YMCAs began to convert into "Family Centers" and their pools went co-ed.

    And colleges and other places where it was also followed had to comply with new concepts about women's social rights, that opposed separate health facilities for men only, along with separate usage hours. A very few private membership men's health clubs continued the practice, possibly even a few to this day, but they would be barely a handful.

    But the various reasons, both practical & cultural, that made male nude swimming once common in the US no longer exist, and the practice has become almost entirely obsolete. Leading some people who never knew about it, for one reason or another, like in your case your age, to insist it either didn't exist, or if it did was a perversion. Neither of those views are correct. The mistake would be to judge such customs from a 21st-Century US perspective, when the circumstances, rules & habits have changed.
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 2:28 AM GMT
    GREAT WALL OF TEXT from another site...

    When I went to college (1963), swimming was mandatory during the first two yea; it was a big-name Ivy League school. Men and women swam on separate days for the required PE, and then there was coed swimming in the afternoons and evenings for recreation. Being just out of high school and rather naive about sexuality, it was an amazing sight for me--my first exposure to nude men. It was sort of like a dream. I don't think anyone does that anywhere any more.


    When I was in college in the late 50's and early 60's, nude swimmng was common with male students. I don't suppose it was with the women. We also had open showers in the dormitory bathrooms and there was little notice paid to nudity in the halls. This mostly came to a stop in the late 60's when co ed dorms became common.


    I grew up in a small town called Bellevue, Ohio and in Junior High in the mid 70's we had to swim nude...that is the boys gym classes did. not the giurls though.
    Not sure why always thought it was about making us get comfortable with the changes our bodies were going thru during puberty. some guys were well developed and hairy and some of us were not. It was wierd to say the least!


    We wore bathing suits in our high school in the late 1960's; however, bathing suits were forbidden at the YMCA in the early 1960's. (I understand that a number of school system in New York state also had a no-suits policy well into the 1970's.) I've read two different accounts about where these policies had their origins. One account said it stemmed from the Great Depression when only the affluent could afford bathing suits. Nude swimming was ordered as a way of leveling guy; sort of like what some public schools are doing today with their requirement for school uniforms in order to end costly clothes and shoe competitions. The second account (discussed in this article ) dates the practice back to the 1890's and said it had to do with the material of bathing suits and their its impact on filters.

    I vividly remember nude swimming at the YMCA as a young teenager. There were some well built lifeguards in their late teens and early twenties, along with a number of other good looking adult male swimmers, I remember checking out. It was a lot of fun swimming bare assed! You really felt streamlined. The parade of older males nearby was great scenery. You had to be discrete when checking them out, lest you be caught staring.


    I went to an all male public high school (Lane Tech) in Chicago during that time, and no swim suits were allowed in the pool


    I attended a New York City high school in the late sixties. The swim classes were not co-ed, and the first time I was in the class we were required to swim in the buff. I was a little more shy than some, but it became comfortable. The cold water helped diminish the "excitement" of the moment. Small towels also helped to avoid detection.

    In my senior year, Speedo-like blue suits were supplied and mandatory. The sights were still very attractive. The showers afterwards were always fun and often unabashed.


    I went to college in the 70; at the men's pool swim suits were forbidden - naked only swimming


    Yes, guys did swim nude in the era before the 1970's / 1080's. The YMCA's required nudity and many schools did as well (especially all male schools). Two Yahoo sites target the topics of nude male swimming, especially at the "Y". The underlying premise of both is that loss of places be naked with other males strikes a blow to masculinity in general, and has a negative effect on the development of a positive male self image of boys and younger men specifically
    (e.g. the "towel dance" in locker rooms, and not showering after working out or PE, etc.).


    I had the same thing in Pa in the early 60's. the boys gym classes swim naked and in the 10th and 11th grade that was some trama for some of the boys that were late developers. I was lucky and started getting hairy and had nice cock, but others were not so fortunate...don


    I went to an all boys Catholic HS back in the late 60's and swimming was part of the gym curriculum once a month. No bathing suits were allowed so all the boys were naked. We had a good looking English teacher who used to come by to watch the kids swim. He had no reason to be there since he was not the Phys Ed teacher but he obviously got his jollies looking. This school was in Bklyn., NY if anyone else attended it.


    I was in Junior High and High School in the early 80's, in the Midwest, where I grew up the guys swam nude in gym class the ladies didn't (We had separate pools except in High school, there the ladies had swim during different semester then the guys). I remember I was terrified going from 6th to 7th grade, because I had heard the guys swam nude. It partly because I'd never even showered with other guys much less swam with them, partly because I was an awkward teenager, and partly because during the summer btw 6th & 7th grade I'd experimented with a neighbor kid all summer long and was afraid I'd spring a hard on in front of all my classmates and they'd think I was a fag.

    Hi school was the same way, we swam nude. It wasn't until after I graduated that they then started providing swimsuits and/or you could bring your own without being called a fag or gay because you were wearing one. Never figured that out why classmates would call you fag or gay if you wore a suit.

    Anyway, hindsight is 20/20 and now I wish I would have taken a better look at my classmates back in high school. Some where very well developed (from what I remember) hairy chest and all and others where not. I still to this day don't know what the purpose was for having the guys swim nude and and let the women have suits.


    I worked at a large YMCA in the 60's. The boys wore suits but the men swam separately and they did not. The reason being was that suits sometimes faded, the material would fray and that was hard on the filter and the men would leave their wet suits in their lockers and they would mold. It was always nice to watch the men swim and see how different in size they were. It was certainly a nice feeling to glide through the water without the weight of a wet suit.
    The showers were also gang showers. They were also fun - about 7 or 8 in a row.


    We were in 6th. grade the boys went to YMCA for swimming lessons, we swam in the nude. This was the time lot us were going through puberty. To see how we developed during the course of the year.


    I swam at the CLEVELAND OHIO YMCA and the first time I suited up and opened the door to the pool and saw ALL THE GUYS STARK NAKED! I went back to the showers, took off the suit and joined them...and YES I DID GET A BONER IN THE I had to wait for it to abate and then DASH to the showers and use the ICY COLD WATER TO DEFLATE! LOL!


    In the 50's My parents had me take swiming lessons at the YMCA in Baltimore, MD. At that time the classes for boys was nude swiming. When I went to an all boys high school, swimming was part of the mandatory PE program and swiming was nude. After gym showers were mandatory also.
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 2:30 AM GMT

    I remember nude swimming when I was a kid back in Terre Haute, IN in the 1950's. I took swimming lessons at the YMCA and nude swimming was required. I was a little uncomfortable with it at the time. Rich


    Same here in the 1950's we swam nude at the YMCA. I went to an all boys school where we had to shower. No one really had time to look at anyone. Time was limited and the GYM teacher stood outside the door ready to put a stop to any hoarsing around. I belong to the YMCA today and I notice many of the young folks take special care to cover up their equipment. So afraid someone will see them. How Times have changed.


    I recall going to the Y on Cub/Boy Scout swimming parties and that was the rule. It never bothered me, even when I began to chub and sprout 6 pubes, as the site of cock always intrigued me. It was like...'OK, that one looks like mine, that one looks wierd (uncut...and now I LOVE 'em), that one is a button, that one is long and then the look at the hair and big things hanging down."

    It was cool and a GREAT feeling to be skinny dipping. I still love it and get either a good chub or major wood depending upon how warm the water is.

    In College I did it with a few friends in Summer School and we had a great time. Nothing sexual at all - damn! One guy was soooooooo hot - a Tom Selleck (sp) type. In shape with nice pecs, arms and legs...all nicely hairy and a face/personality that was heavenly. We went to a water reseviour where a rope swing out over a 25' drop. He went first followed by the other 5 and I was last as I HATE the feeling of a free fall and was trying to get the balls to do it. He climbed up the knotted rope to the 'launch' site while I was unaware and came charging down the 2' wide dirt path screaming like wild man. As I was holding the rope he also grabbed it a bit above me, wrapped his legs around me and off we went. He kept shouting that I have to let go when we get into full swing or else the jagged rocks would great us. He let go and I had no choice and we must have plunged at least 12-15 feet into the cold water with his incredible body attached to mine. Had I not been so f'n freaked out I would have grabbed his very nice package.


    i remember my first 2 years in junior high school (late sixties) we swam in the nude. There were a few erections every now and again that I drooled over. From what I remembered the girls were issued swinsuits. By my third year, we were issued trunks.


    My YMCA experience in the '40s was parallel. No suits were allowed in the pool. Dad took me for swim lessons one time and I was too scared to go back. If I had known then what I know now....


    I have been interested in reading the posts on this topic. I was in junior high school in Norfolk VA in the early 50s. As a part of our gym class we were transported to the Navy Y for swim lessons. It was nude. Even our gym teacher
    was nude right along with us. I remember showering both before and after each swim. In those days nobody thought anything about it. Either I was too young to know about an alternative life style or too naive to see what was right
    before my eyes. There was every stage of development from pre adolescent boys to 8th graders who were fully developed with full body hair and shaving. Oh to have known then what I learned later!


    I agree I don't think there was a sexual connotation to the nude swimming. People just didn't have the hangups that today's society does. I can remember swimming with cousins and uncles in the creek we peeled to the buff and not thought of anything but the cool water and some fun splashing. And the money to buy a swim suit was probaly scarce also. Too bad for todays youth to be so socially hung up on male nudity. Skid


    The nude swimming goes back to Greek and roman empire times. Or perhaps allof human history The Greek gymnasium exercise and sports preparation was all in the nude. The Olympics was in the nude. Women were not allowed to attend. The roman baths were all nude. Guys would get clean, massages and sex there.

    I can not imagine in the most ancient time that people wasted resources on swim suits. In serach8ng for the history of swim suits I found The first swimsuits were of course no swimsuits at all. People have always gone swimming in the nude or in any clothing appropriate for swimming such as loin cloths. It was not until the 18th century that "swimsuits" were invented mostly for the purpose of hiding the human body according to the morality of the times.

    It is the Victorian prudishness and believe that sex the human body is dirty or bad that drives us to cover up when not needed, I think it adds to the sex drive by making it forbidden. I always thought that a wet swim suit that cling to the body and showed the curves and nooks and crevices was hotter than nude for both men and women as my imagination was better then the body


    I also remember nude swimming. We all swam nude at the YMCA growing up. College swim classes were also nude. It was a different time. No one worried about being nude infront of other guys. After all, we did not have to worry about hidden webcams, phone cams, etc. snapping pictures that might appear on the Internet. It was a different, more innocent time. Nude swimming gave a sense of freedom, no heavy wet suits pulling in the water, just the feeling of the freedom of swimming naked.


    I went to an all boy HS in NYC in the 50's. I didn't take swimming due to a sinus condition, but did get a peek into the pool once or twice. The boys were all nude. No biggie as we, for the most part, stripped naked in the locker rooms to change into our gym clothes. We only had gym once a week but I wonder in schools that have gym every day, what do the boys (and girls) do with the wet suits? Or are the suits supplied by the school and are returned every class? And don't they see each other naked when they change anyway? I think this change from naked to suits is a reason so many younger guys are so nervous about being naked around other guys today. Brings up another topic. Do they still have gang showers in the military? They did in the 60's (Army).


    By now I'm sure lots of members have confirmed this.
    I was enrolled in swim classes in the 50s at the YMCA in Grand Rapids, Mich., and they were all nude.
    Later, at the University of Illinois in the mid-60s, Men's PE Swim Classes were nude as well.


    While I was in High School, I took a swimming class instead of PE. Since our school had no pool, the class was conducted at the local YMCA. Which btw had a beautiful one. We were required to swim in the nude. This was a YMCA rule and we complied with it. The only person in the pool who had a swim suit on was the instructor. Not the same as you describe yet the end result was the same.
    BTW, this was back in the 50's.


    As I recall a freshman PE class at the University of Illinois in the 1950s, we swam nude. And, yeah, it was interesting.

    i too went to the y for swimming and all lessons in the 50s were nude. that didn't bother me. what did bother me was that i had an intense fear of water from an accident early in life and none of the instructors ever tried to give me any personal hands on attention. maybe it's good they didn't - i'd probably gotten hard since they were all good looking and built.
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    I went to an all boys high school where we swam nude. I loved looking at all the cock. I knew I liked it because I had been blowing an older cousin for a couple years and loved doing it. The biggest problem was I had a very small cock compared to a lot of guys and was very embarrassed about it. When i was a sophmore one of the bigger guys saw me looking at his cock a little too much and asked me what I thought about it.

    To make a long story short I wound up blowing him afer school for a couple years. He never even touched me but let me jack off as I sucked him.


    When I was in high school (1960's), south of Pittsburgh, ALL swimming classes were in the nude. The girls could wear swim suits but the boys had to swim naked. Of course, the boys had their swim classes and the girls had theirs. We had a male swim teacher; however, the female girls gym teacher always liked to come in to the boys swim class "just to chat" with the boy's teacher. Yeah. Right.
    I think they were both perverts. LOL


    I remember my friend in grammer school invited me to go to the Y with him and his dad one evening after dinner to swim. My folks said fine and I took a towel and my swim suit. When we got into the locker room to change it was one big room with another section going to the bathrooms and showers. I remember I was nervous to change in front of my friend and his dad, but more surprising was when his dad just stripped completed naked in front of me. I am talking a I was right next to the adult that was hairy chested and a BIG Think cock and unbelieveable balls (at least to me at the time) just standing there naked, my friend was stripping also. I had not choice but to strip down with my back towards them I looked and his dad said see you guys in the pool and he walked OUT of the locker room NAKED. I remember him specifically dropping his towel ont he way out and bending over to pick it up with his back to us and seeing these huge balls hanging between his legs. I asked my friend where he was going and he said to the pool. I siad what about his suit and my friend said you can't wear them. I said something like WHAT? And he explained again. So I just kept my suit wrapped in my towel and followed my friend out to the pool. I do remember then having no pubic hair. When we opened the door to the pool there were at least 15 men all different shapes and sizes cut and uncut (mostly uncut then) and their boys (all mostly cut) just smimming, jumping in or walking around. I remember having a boner on and off the whole time there but I was in the water. I did manage to not have one while out of the water. The tingling and thrill of some many naked men never left me. After that I tried to sneak peeks at my dad when I caught him naked or pissing whenever I could.


    Which 50s? I started there in 1962, not that far behind if it was the late 50s. Our instructor was Egyptian, and he made a big thing about washing our crotches really well before getting in, because pubic hair played hell with the ancient filter system. He emphasized that it wasn't the hair on our heads that was the problem.
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    I could have written almost the same thing. When I was growing up in Indianapolis, a neighbor friend of mine was taking swimming lessons at the downtown Y. I already knew how to swim but he wanted someone to go with him. My parents agreed and off I went. The only difference is that my friends father did not go with us.

    When I got around to going, my friend had already been a couple of times so he knew the routine. When we got there we went to the locker room. He had told me that you "could" swim naked if you wanted but most people swam in suits. SO while in the locker room we both looked at all the adult men. (The two of us had already discovered the pleasure of playing with each other at his house, so we both were enjoying the views)

    I then got in the pool and began the lesson. I remember the instructor was a very handsome man in his mid/late 30's. When he discovered I knew how to swim, I became his helper. He would use me as a model. I never minded him taking hold of me to show the other boys what he wanted them to do. After each lesson there was about 30 minutes of free swim time.

    I guess it was the second lesson, my friend went over to the side of the pool and took off his swim suit. I was shocked! But as soon as he did it, the other 5 or 6 boys in the pool did the same. So I follow their lead. I remember how wonderful the water felt swirling around my cock.

    When time was up we went back to the locker room and to the showers. We took a long time in the showers looking at all the adult men in there. It was grand.

    Then on the next visit, we entered the pool area. We were getting use to the water and swimming around. One of the other boys in the class came in naked. With that everyone took off their swimsuits and got ready for the lesson. The instructor came in, got in the pool and called me over. (BTW- I was 11 years old and developing a little early for my age, being the first kid in the neighborhood to achieve a real boner!)

    So I went over to the instructor to be the instructors "helper". He noticed that all of us (about 10 boys) were naked. I remember him saying something to the effect that he noticed we liked swimming more naturally and so did he. So he pulled off his swim suit and threw it over to the side of the pool. Now remember, this was in the early 1960's. If this had happened now, he would have fired and most likely arrested! It is also important to note that some of the fathers stayed in the pool area during our lessons so we were never alone with the instructor.

    Anyway, I remember how much I enjoyed being near him, naked, and having him touch my arms and such. He was trying to show the boys a specific maneuver and I got choked on the water. He pulled me up and held me next to his chest. I remember my knees brushing across his bush and cock. I got one of my boners immediately. He noticed it and touched my cock and told me it was ok but to stay under the water until it went down. It was not done in the manner of some "pervert" but more like a father telling his son "it's natural and all right".

    For the remaining 6 lessons we all swam naked, including the instructor. It was a little bit sensual, but more natural. The instructor had a fellow instructor who would join us and he would get naked also. After class when we would head to the showers, the two instructors would come in to take their showers and tell us what a good job we had done that day.

    If I knew then what I know now, I would have been playing with that beautiful man dick ever chance I had. But back then, it was just the norm.

    As I said, it would never happen in this day and time.

    I now live in a small college town in southeastern Georgia. We don't have a Y but we can use the university swimming pools. The old indoor pool is near my house and I use to go at night to get some exercise. Of course no one swam naked - it was coed. One night after swimming I was in the shower area. This room has polls in the middle of the room with four shower heads attached. I was at one of the showers and a young college boy came in. We were the only ones in there. Instead of him going to one of the other polls, he walked over the the one I was using and began using the shower head opposite mine. I smiled and tried to exchange pleasantries but realized he just wanted to least I thought that.

    I was naked but noticed that he kept his swim suit on in the shower. I thought that was odd but whatever. I realized he liked it when I soaped up my cock and balls. He would put his hands down in his swimsuit when I would soap up those areas. So, of course being the gentleman I am, I soaped those areas several times. Before long he pulled down his suit to reveal a huge erect cock. I was stunned. He was a shorter guy than I and very slim. BUT DAMN WHAT A least 10 inches or more. Of course, being older than I was back in the days of the Y, I knew what to do this time. We moved to the bathroom area, both got in one stall for privacy, and had a grand time. But alas, that only happened 3 times. I never saw him again. It was really quite exciting as we never spoke a single word. Oh well............maybe again sometime.


    I went to a high school that had nude swimming. I was one of those late developers, so it was embarrassing for me to stand there with my little pecker and a few hairs while these other guys had big dicks and lots of pubic hair. It did give me a chance to see all those guys I was excited about in the nude.


    We had no YMCA near our neighborhood in our city, but we did have a Jewish Community Center not too far away in which there was a big indoor pool and had great summer programs for kids. Â My parents from Ireland and Catholic enrolled me and my next younger brother in the summer program which I and my brother totally enjoyed and felt totally accepted by all at the Center. Â Part of every day in the summer program was all boys swimming in the indoor pool, three days with a wool or cotton issued swim suit (which at 6 to 8 yrs old I never ever knew what size to ask for), the other two days, while wools and cottons were being washed and dried, we went nude swimming and into the shower before and after. Â I and my brother were cut. Â And so were all in that pool. Â As young ones, we stayed at the shallow end of the pool, but could observe the naked teenagers with their pubic hair and longer dicks at the other end of the pool. Â How we hoped we would some day have cocks like that!!


    I had the mandatory swim nude experience until my parents found out that that was what the school was doing . . . my parents immediately got petitions from all the neighbors and put a stop to this practice . . . there was no logic to the boys swim nude, but girls must have swim suit policies and my parents, who were deeply religious saw it as a ploy for homoerotic play for the adult teachers . . . they vigilantly fought the practice until they had the entire school district mandate swim suits for all students. . . amazingly everyone acted as though they had no idea the male students had been required to swim nude for decades.


    My school never had a pool, so we did not have swimming at all, but when I was in scouting, we used to swim every month at the Fireston3 Tire pool in south Akron, and when males had Male only swim, it was nude swimming.I was fairly young atthat time, and was really excited to see all the older guys swimming and jumping into the pool. especially the older guys that dove from the edge. It was always a treat to see their cocks swinging around.


    When I was in High School in the 70's in Toronto Canada we went swimming naked as well. I remember one of the teachers always made the boys line up against the wal
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 2:59 AM GMT
    ^ What the friggin' fuck is that? ^ .... icon_eek.gif

    tl;dr ... icon_rolleyes.gif
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 3:00 AM GMT
    That's not a wall of text -- That's a skyscraper.
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 3:30 AM GMT
    O damn, I thought this was gonna be a Michael Jackson tribute thread. My bad.
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 12:33 PM GMT
    NakedBudd saidGREAT WALL OF TEXT from another site...

    Perhaps in the future just a link posted here to such a site, if it will let non-members view these anecdotal posts from there. In any case, a bit of overkill on the pastes done here.

    I do agree the past prevalence of institutionalized male nude swimming in the US is well documented, with plenty of photos and testimony such as this. There were even published pool operational manuals and swimming instruction guides that recommended the practice, on the grounds of hygiene and pool maintenance, helping to make it commonly accepted throughout the US. Indeed, I can include some of my own first-person experiences doing it, right into the 1970s. So I think that horse has been beaten to death, with a mountain of evidence presented here (and I do mean mountain after those last posts).

    What I find more interesting are those who continue to insist that either it never happened, because it's outside their own range of personal experience, or if it did exist, that it was perverted and wrong, especially if beyond their individual comfort level. For those of us who grew up during those times, raised with those customs & cultural values from earliest childhood, we might rather look at today's absurd routines of same-sex shyness, with "towel dances" and avoiding public showers altogether, as the stranger and less supportable of the 2 attitudes.
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 1:06 PM GMT
    Nope, not as a kid.
    BUT..... when I was on the swim team in college, we had naked practice to psych ourselves up for States. I wasn't out yet, but that was a happy day.
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 1:36 PM GMT
    Good God. We all swam naked at the Y, in high school, in college and grad school (same place), and later on in life at The NY Athletic Club on 59th St in Manhattan where they still do!
    Then in the late 60s, early 70s all went co-ed, except the aforementioned NYAC.
    After that, Mommy paranoia set in. They didn't want their little darling to be oogled by the other, older men
    Then it went further then when men didn't even change clothes (read get completely naked) in front of each other. Now these "never naked" do the towel dance to get undressed and dressed.
    It's called "gymnoscopaphobia" The fear of being SEEN naked.
    The Greek word "gym' means naked or nude. The gym is where you went to be naked with the other guys. And, in case you've forgotten, the original Olympic games were conducted in the nude!

    Skinny dip anyone?
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    HotCoach saidGood God. We all swam naked at the Y, in high school, in college and grad school (same place), and later on in life at The NY Athletic Club on 59th St in Manhattan where they still do!

    You belong(ed) to the NYAC? Most impressive.

    Aside from the once practical, even mandatory reasons given for nude swimming (greater sanitation problems than today, non-synthetic fabrics whose lint overwhelmed early filter technology), there were also issues of custom & culture, that have become outmoded & forgotten in the present day.

    - Male modesty was practiced for the benefit of females, not for other males.
    - Modesty was a female trait, not a male one, except to accommodate the ladies as noted above.
    - To be overly shy as a male implied effeminacy, the opposite of today's attitudes. To strip was manly, to cover up girly.
    - The expectation for individual male privacy was much lower prior to World War II in all aspects of US life, even at home.
    - A much lesser public cognizance & concern about homosexuality created the assumption that all men were only sexually interested in women, not in each other, so that male social nudity was a non-issue you didn't think about.
    - Males had always swum nude together, for as along as anyone could remember.
    - Male swimsuits were introduced to allow mixed sharing of beaches, and later at the newly-developed swimming pools in the 1800s (though not all pools permitted mixed swimming for social reasons, even with suits)
    - Therefore, the original male swimsuit in modern times was an invention for the benefit of WOMEN, not for men among themselves. In the absence of women, it wasn't considered necessary to wear.

    So that the question for a man decades ago would not have been "Why CAN'T I wear a swimsuit?" in a same-sex pool, but rather, "Why SHOULD I wear a swimsuit?" when there are no women around? "We've already all been naked together in the locker room, all taken a pre-swim nude shower together, so why would we put on swimsuits NOW and have that draggy weight to deal with, and a wet hassle afterwards? There's nothing we haven't already seen, and we're all built the same way, right?" That was how most men thought back then, as I myself remember.
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 3:01 PM GMT
    dfrourke saidI think this was fairly common father [59] told me that when he was in High School they swam naked [just boys - no girls in the pool]...and apparently, the last one in the pool got a swat on the ass...


    - David

    Same while I was in high school (1952 -> 1956). I also spent three summers at a camp for boys during that same general time period. The weird thing was that swimming sessions required trunks--even though they were held relatively distant from the general public. On the other hand, the weekly saunas ended up with a nude run across the beach and into the lake (to close pores) even though private cabins began only about 100 feet away area.
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 3:29 PM GMT
    HotCoach said
    It's called "gymnoscopaphobia" The fear of being SEEN naked.

    It's not a fear for me, per se......

    I just can't stand all that laughter!
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    QUOTE Jun 28, 2010 3:34 PM GMT
    PDSurfer saidSame while I was in high school (1952 -> 1956). I also spent three summers at a camp for boys during that same general time period. The weird thing was that swimming sessions required trunks--even though they were held relatively distant from the general public. On the other hand, the weekly saunas ended up with a nude run across the beach and into the lake (to close pores) even though private cabins began only about 100 feet away area.

    My 3 summer camps were 1957-59, with a somewhat similar experience. Our swimming dock and beach were on a public lake with boating, so we had to wear trunks. But being a semi-primitive camping experience without showers provided at the main camp area, we took periodic baths in waist-deep lake water with floating bars of white soap (talk about pollution!), slipping our trunks down, sometimes draping them over our shoulders.

    But some boys would lose their trunks to pranksters or carelessness, and have to emerge from the water naked, regardless of any nearby boats. During our overnight hiking trips in the woods, we took no swimsuits at all, skinny-dipping in streams along with our equally naked college-age counselors.

    Interestingly, when I related these stories on a different gay social website, another guy had been at the very same camp when I had! And we confirmed each other's recollections with details only a legitimate camper there could have known, because the camp hasn't existed for 30 years, not even a record of it on the Internet.
  • Stewart1959 Posts: 1
    QUOTE Oct 21, 2011 2:17 PM GMT
    I took swim lessons at the YMCA in Waukesha Wisconsin in 1968. Swim suits were optional. Some boys wore them, some didn't. Same applied for free swim, during which both boys and men were present. I recall that more boys swam naked during free swim.

    A couple of times a week there was "family swim" in the evening. A YMCA employee would yell out a warning that family swim would begin in 15 minutes. Bathing suits were required during that time because women and girls would be allowed in the pool.

    I was surprised at first that bathing suits were not required. However, it all seemed so normal that I don't know if I ever even mentioned this to my parents.

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    QUOTE Oct 21, 2011 2:38 PM GMT
    MichVBPlayer28 said
    riptjock saidOn a related note, a young friend (he's 20) tells me at his high school NO ONE was naked, EVER. Kids didn't shower after gym class; they changed clothes in the toilet stalls. Athletes went home to shower after games and practices. The swim team would rinse off in the showers with their Speedos on. WHAT THE FUCK????

    That's very true. When I was in high school (25 now) no one showered after gym class, and when we had to swim everyone changed in the 2 bathroom stalls. Even the swim team was very scared about getting naked. A few guys on the team would change in front of everyone else but they were always boisterous and would wave their dicks around (they also happened to be the 2 most hung guys on the team). Now I'm a high school swim coach and the same thing is still true.

    I wonder if it's just been the prominence of younger and younger guys coming out as gay that has turned all of these high school boys scared to be naked. They're always afraid someone might be looking at them and that if a gay guy looks at me then maybe he thinks I'm gay, and that would just be the worst thing in the world.

    I think everyone was scared in high school because today's young men are developing the same kind of body image issues that have plagued women for years. I know that even in college and in my early 20's I did not look like a "Men's Health" magazine cover and I had acne all over my chest, neck, and back that I was deeply embarrassed about. Getting naked was kind of terrifying because I didn't like the way I looked.
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    QUOTE Jul 29, 2012 5:54 PM GMT
    I Grew up in Massachusetts and I took swim lessons for several years at the YMCA. I went from Minnow to I think Shark or Dolphin was the top class. And all the time Naked. I loved it. I spent a lot of time there after school.
    My favorite time was free swim with my cute buddies. A lot of Horse play in the pool and trying to hide rageing stiffies. And yes there was the odd older man in charge. Brownie I think his name was.