Well I'm late to the dance so to speak. The creation of a "Facebook" profile... it still isn't finished. I guess it really isn't ever really "done".

So I look to see who's online of the friends that have been included since last week and it is odd... to see names of those you've known for years alongside newer friends, college friends, a mix of everything you can imagine.

And I've already had friends who've inquired about other friends of mine, checking out profiles, asking questions. Most I don't care much about, but others who are way too nosy. Some of it is the "point" of Facebook, but
not all of it is positive. One of my college friends (and I went to a private college)... sent me a message... "you have a gay friend"?
I about fell out of my chair.
"Yes and you do too" was my response....

And what fun it was to post on the wall of a certain RJ member.....