House Posts Health Care Bill, Leaves Out LGBT-Specific Provisions

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    Mar 19, 2010 3:30 AM GMT
    House Posts Health Care Bill, Leaves Out LGBT-Specific Provisions
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    Mar 19, 2010 3:51 AM GMT
    Frankly, given how the LGBT "movement" as it were, did not contribute or in any way organize to support single-payer or the public option, or anything that wasn't LGBT-specific, why is anyone surprised?

    In fact, having spend half of my career in said what is laughingly called the "movement" today, I can assure you that - barring rare exceptions among smaller groups - the groups that are said to represent us have so insulated themselves from the larger progressive movements in our country, HRC's statement is laughable at best, tragic at worst.

    Certainly, there are other minorities who are just as guilty, but then that's a larger problem of the left. But, in particular, the LGBT rights movement today is run by five wealthy white guys and in the two decades that I've been involved has gone from a transformational group organizing to make healthcare accessible to all Americans to a bunch of political apparatchiks fighting over an increasingly shrinking pie. Is it any wonder that there was no slice left for us this time?