Questions for Gym Regulars- Locker Room Etiquette

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    Mar 19, 2010 3:34 AM GMT
    Hi guys,

    So I've been going to a gym for the past two months to take control of my life (out of shape and overweight). I weighed 318 when I started going and now I weigh 280.

    I meet regularly with a personal trainer and with a dietitian. I feel great and I can say that I LOVE going to the gym. I go 5 times a week for 1-1.5 hours each time.

    I feel comfortable in the locker rooms to now change my shirt and even shower. So I have some general questions for you guys who go on a regular basis:

    1. Duffel bags- where can I find a good one that's not too expensive?
    2. Also, how often do you guys swap out whats in your bags?
    I feel like some guys keep gym clothes in their cars, but after workouts, my gym clothes are too sweaty and need to be washed. Do guys have a line of gym clothes on standby in their cars? Also, what are some tips as far as shower towels? To keep them fresh, I was thinking I would have to hang them each night to dry them out? Also any tips on keeping gym bags smelling fresh and not like B.O.?

    3. Here is what I intend on packing in my bag:
    -workout clothes
    -change of clothes
    -body wash, lotion, deodorant
    -*protein mix- do you guys think I should bring my big canister of protein shake mix and mix my shake after workouts or should I come to the gym with the shake made in the bottle? Is it appropriate for guys to make their shakes in the locker room for that matter?

    4. Underwear- should I be wearing them during workouts? They get soaked afterwords. This one guy today after his shower didn't put any underwear back on. He free-balled by just putting on jeans. Is that appropriate?

    5. This one is kinda gay- So there are these hot guys who shower and sadly enough, I sneak peaks at them. However I think this one guy caught me staring at another guy, because the one guy was eyeballing me after sneaking a peak at the other guy (he didn't break his stare either) I'm not sure if I should be ashamed unless maybe this one guy was into guys too and was into me? (IDK) What are some signs guys make I should be reading to know a guy is into me? How can I passively let a guy know I'm into them? Do you guys start conversations in locker rooms?
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    Mar 19, 2010 4:07 AM GMT
    *amused at the questions a bit* :p

    anything wet after workouts, just throw in a plastic bag and throw in the laundry when you get home : gym gear, towels, underwear ...
    always have min 2 clean towels in your bag.

    i keep 4 towels, 3 pairs of socks, extra underwear ,
    shower gel, moisturizer ( body and face) , deodorant, muscle&joint cream ( myoflex type )

    i also keep 3 plastic bags for wet stuff, smelly stuff , shoes.

    don't spread yourself all over the bench like you owned it when you change. There are others who need space also.

    do not stare at guys in the shower.
    do not bother trying to make contact or worse hook up.
    it's neither the place nor the time.
    unless you're in a typically "gay" gym.

    just do your own thing. Everyone is pretty much self absorbed unless you're going with friends or have come to know some guys there. ( this usually happens naturally ) . I'm discreet even with guys i know . I don't go out of my way to talk to them. If we come across each other , it's usually just a short 30 sec. chat.
    Time is precious at the gym.
    Just go with the flow and enjoy your workout.

    some guys walk about naked in locker room, but most have a towel around the waist.

    as for buying a bag, c'mon ,just walk into any discount store . :p